Movie Review: The Dirt (2019)

SPOILER ALERT – You may want to watch the movie first. Just be warned as I will be dishing The Dirt as it were.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) this movie was released shortly after the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I LOVED that movie. Perfect 10/10 from me. I saw it 3 times (I have never seen another movie more than once in the theatre) but I wanted to get the review perfect and life got in the way. By the time I was close to writing it, the movie had won a bunch of awards and was released on video. So I shelved it. The unfortunate thing is, this movie will be held up to a higher standard. The fortunate thing is that new fans that have never heard of Motley Crue may watch it. Partly due to the Queen movie, and partly due to the fact that it’s on Netflix (brilliant plan lads).

The movie begins with a scene on Sunset Strip and the apartment where the band lived. “The cops kicked down the door so many times we bolted it shut. People had to go in and out through the window”. I call bullshit. The lady water fountain scene in the living room of the apartment in front of a large crowd is probably bullshit as well.

The scene changes to Nikki Sixx back when he was a young Frank Ferrana Jr. His mom is portrayed by Kathryn Morris. She is an awesome actress that played on tv show Cold Case. She plays Nikki’s mom brilliantly here. She is so concerned about her one night stands that she has little left for her son. Nikki is mad that his mom blames him for the father leaving, so he cuts his arm with a knife and tells police it was his mom. He makes a deal that if she leaves him alone, he will tell the truth. He later makes his way to California and calls his real dad, who tells him to never call again. He legally changed his name to Nikki Sixx right after that.

The scenes next were of Nikki wearing a Metallica t shirt (probably before that band was formed), and the continuous flashing of the devil horns(probably before that was popular), and Tommy leaving home wearing his sisters pants (seemed to have been taken right from Bohemian Rhapsody).  Tommy goes to see the band London. He meets Nikki in the Denny`s and Nikki tells him that London broke up. (I was sure I had read somewhere that Nikki Sixx sucked at playing an instrument before joining Crue. No mention of this in the film.) Tommy, Nikki and Greg Leon (who seems to struggle with the riffs Nikki wants him to play) reply to an ad in the paper for a ‘loud rude aggressive lead guitarist…’ and Mick Mars arrives. He instantly outshines Greg. Nikki then gets Mick to fire Greg. Nikki wants to find a lead singer that is in the mold of David Lee Roth. Tommy then brings Vince Neil on board and the rest is history. (There are missing former members/try outs such as Michael White, O`Dean Peterson and possibly others). They contemplate band names. Nikki tries X Mass. Tommy The Fourskins.  Mick offers Motley Crew, which is changed to the name as we know it.

Elektra rep Tom Zutaut(who later signed Guns N Roses, Sloan etc.) appears to sign the band to a five album deal 30 seconds after meeting them (while refusing oral sex from a woman under the band’s table). I know it took a lot more than that to sign the band.

The next scene is Doc McGhee meeting the band at a party that also features David Lee Roth. Then Mick tells the audience that this didn’t actually happen this way and mentions how it sucks that Doug Thaylor was cut from the movie. This scene is one of the best in the movie as far as I am concerned.

Jump to hotel pool scene. The band is sitting around the pool and Ozzy yells out “Drinks are on me” while showing his bare ass(with money between his cheeks) to an old lady, then snorts ants and licks piss off the pool deck., and tells the band “Come here and have a talk with Uncle Ozzy” (If I had had Ozzy for an uncle, family reunions would have been wayyyyy cooler). Another great scene.

The band does not sugar coat the death of Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle. As a car guy I have to point out that the car that Vince in the movie is a Corvette, but was actually a De Tomaso Pantera in real life. The scene in the car before the crash is pretty funny, although morbid. Vince asks “Who would you rather fuck? Cyndi Lauper or Boy George?” Razzle replies “How about neither”  (The short stint Vince got in jail for vehicular manslaughter is a real joke, but since either he or the record company forked over $2 million, I guess money talks.)

The next scenes focus on Nikki strung out on heroin and listening to his mom on his voice mail. Then we see the daily routine of Tommy Lee on the road. Waking up chained to a bed, drink, meet radio dicks, go on stage, get stoned and drunk, go to strip joints, do stupid shit, get chained to bed, repeat. Doc allows Nikki’s mom to show up. She says “That song, Looks That Kill. It`s about me right”. Nikki freaks out and fires Doc. Nikki spirals out of control and for a guy who hates needles, I can hardly watch him injecting into any vein he can find.  Nikki is strung out at Tommy’s wedding to Heather Locklear and causes a fight. He later overdoses and while one paramedic is about to call time of death, the other says “No that’s Nikki Fucking Sixx. He’s not gonna die in my ambulance” and gives him a shot of Noloxone into his chest, and Nikki lives. (This scene gives first responders a bad name, as if one life is worth more than another, but it was cool). Later Nikki convinces the band to go into rehab. The sober band records Dr. Feelgood and it becomes their first #1 album.  While on the tour Vince and Tommy miss home and go back to drinking.  Vince’s wife leaves him and he becomes unreliable. There is a funny scene in which Tommy wants to kick Vince out of the band. “It worked for Van Halen.” The scene shifts to Vince watching Van Halen on a tv interview. He takes the battery out of his phone and the band faxes him, ‘Get your ass over here.’ The band fights and Vince complains about the material (which turned into the self titled album, and that album rules so I have no idea) and quits the band.

Surprisingly the band do feature the John Corabi era. The band is interviewed and they mentioned they replaced Vince with someone better, and it’s about now and not the past. Vince is watching this in a bar and the bartender turns off the tv and says “Man they suck without you.” (There are a few scenes with Vince moping in a bar as if that is all he could do without Motley, even though he actually recorded solo albums)

The next scenes are about Vince’s daughter Skyler dying. I did tear up in this part. As a father of a young lady I can’t imagine losing her. I actually felt bad for Vince for the first time in my life. If a movie can make me care even a bit for Vince Neil, it really has done a good job.

The scene flips to Motley Crue before a concert in a mostly empty stadium and fans with ‘We Want Vince’ and ‘Bring Vince Back’ signs. My guess this was possibly true, but may have been more about the changing music scene. They may have been just as empty with Vince. It seems Corabi got the brunt of the blame here unjustly.

Nikki meets with Tom Zutaut and asks him to tell Elektra that the band will give up any money owed if the label will give them back their rights to the music and eventually it works. (Tom meets Nikki at the same table that they met at earlier and Tom mentions the woman under the table in their heyday. Nikki says “Not anymore”.

The band(minus John Corabi) meet with Vince and agree that the band is a family, and they want to get back together. Then the scene shifts to the final tour and some scrolling lines.

“All I can say is we fucking made it dude. I don’t know how we’re not dead or in jail. We shit on a lot of people and did things we regret everyday. But somehow we’re still here. In it together. That’s fate. That’s family, and that’s Motley Fucking Crue.”

The movie has its faults. It shows women in a bad light. There are a bunch of untruths, inaccuracies, and exaggerations. The casting left something to be desired, especially for the band members (unlike the amazing casting on Bohemian Rhapsody). Mick looks too good, and Vince is not nearly pretty enough. However, it did entertain me, made me feel bad for a douche bag, and included parts that the band seemed to have ignored. I am a fan of the band and have seen them a few times over the years. I had no ambition to see their final tour, but I really wanted to see this. It really is a pretty good flick. I say check it out and decide for yourself.













Sorry. I’ve Been Busy 2

march 8 poster 2

This is a post to explain my absence from the blogging world for quite some time. It’s eerily familiar to the original Sorry story (In all fairness, I did copy and paste that one here and changed some things). Here is a refresher.

It’s been 52 days since I posted anything here. I’ve been busy over the last few months with holidays, work, and family things. I have not been able to read many of my fellow bloggers posts/emails and I feel bad about that. I will hopefully be able to catch up. As well I have been organizing my 2nd concert. I learned a lot from the first one I did 2 years ago, but it still is tough, and takes up a lot of time.

Securing the bands – I wanted 4. I had 2 on board from the start. The other 2 were a problem. I probably reached out to 50 or 60 bands, but most had prior commitments, were working on a new album, or just couldn’t make it for whatever reason. The 3rd and 4th took tons of phone calls, emails, texts and Facebook messages. Ok 3. Not so fast. The 3rd band dragged their heels for weeks and finally backed out. Now I need to scramble and find 3 and 4. Luckily I do go to live shows. I saw a few more bands I liked and all of a sudden I had 4.

  1. Securing the venue – This was  going to be easy. Just go back to the same venue as before. Not so fast. They wanted way more than last time. He said there was no way they would have let me rent the hall for that price. After he came down a bit I almost booked it, but he said he would check the old contract. He looked it up and I was right. He let me have the hall for the same price.
  2. Advertising – This is something that doesn’t magically happen. If you want your event advertised, you have to do it yourself. More emails, calls, Facebook posts, making posters, driving around and hanging posters(sometimes having to put them among dozens of others). Calling and emailing radio stations (some don’t post their info and this takes more digging) to see if they can promote your event. Between the last event and now, I have got a bit more social media savvy and added a few more twists. Plus asked the bands for freebies, and offered free tickets to people that liked/shared.
  3. The Sound Guy – I did not go with the last sound guy. He was pretty good, but when there was a problem he didn’t do much. Plus, his wife asked one of the bands for a free t shirt. (I put the thing on and did all that work, and never asked for a freebie.) He made money at the event and she did nothing. Why should she get a freebie. I tentatively hired a sound guy but when I asked him if he did work with bands he said “mostly jazz”. I want the sound to go to 11, not 5. The sound guy I finally hired had done a show I was at recently and the sound was awesome. The rumour is he did the sound on a Motorhead tour (this is pure rumour as I have not spoken to him about it, but I will).

There are more incidentals. My wife again offered to help sell tickets at the door(even though she has to work the next day). Anything to keep costs down. again, this was a hell of a lot more work than I thought it would be. I was sort of under the gun a bit due to the time constraints. I didn’t start this until the middle of January, and the event is this week, so only about 6 weeks. In that time I truly have been busy.

If you are anywhere near Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on Friday, March 8, 2019 stop in and hear 4 awesome doom/stoner/psych metal bands.

Hopefully this event goes off without a hitch. Maybe this will turn into an annual/semi annual event. Either way, the music will kick some serious ass, and in the end, that is all that matters.


Album Review : Jimmy Page- Outrider (1988)

Yesterday Jimmy Page turned 75 so I decided to review an album of his to celebrate his birthday. I contemplated opening the seal on a boxset, or reviewing some rare Led Zep bootlegs I recently found, but I wanted to try some lesser known Jimmy. This album never seemed to get much respect so maybe it deserved another listen. It was supposed to be a double album but a so-called friend of Jimmy stole some of his tapes and issued them as bootlegs. Jimmy did the best he could with this album from what was left. This is not Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends Part 2 though. Jimmy would never have done that to his fans. He had some pretty good friends along for the ride. Jason Bonham brings his dads energy, Barrymore Barlow (Jethro Tull) helps out on a few songs, Robert Plant even joins in to sing on one song. Chris Farlow (Atomic Rooster) at times feels like a 60’s blues man, and sometimes like Ian Gillan. John Miles (Alan Parsons Project) provides a late 80’s David Coverdale vibe. Well, here it goes.

Wasting My Time – This song could easily have slipped into Slide It In. If you like Whitesnake, give this one a shot. Tony Franklin (The Firm) handles the bass duty here.

Wanna Make Love – This song could have also fit onto the above albums as well. The guitar work here is pretty awesome. It reminds me of Whitesnake meets Black Crowes. Jimmy does his production magic on this one and the bouncing from left to right channel and back is really cool. His wah pedal must have been worn out at the end of this one too.

Writes Of Winter – A cool instrumental in which Jimmy records numerous guitar riffs and with his producers magic wand he blends them together as if multiple guitarists are playing. Sort of like the Yngwie/Satriani etc. guitar heroes of that time, but not at lightning pace and in a small enough portion as to not overwhelm.

The Only One – More left and right channel switching start this one off. Then guess who’s back. 3/4 of the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion show complete with Plant, Page and Bonham (jr.). are on this one. It has an 80’s Robert Plant solo feel with better drumming and guitar work.

Liquid Mercury – Another instrumental song with more Jimmy wailing away. Barrymore Barlow joins in on this one and he doesn’t take a back seat to young Bonham here.

Hummingbird – I hear elements of Hendrix, Mark II Deep Purple and Dio era Rainbow. What a sweet combo. Oh, and there’s Jimmy Page.

Emereld Eyes – I hear a little of Ratt’s Back For More. Then the guitar goes off into so many different tones it’s hard to keep track. Finger picking, then wah’s, then more than I can count. I bet Jimmy used a ton of guitars here. Electric, acoustic and synthesizer guitars. Either that or he is just all that. Probably a lot of both.

Prison Blues – A bit of Funk # 49 guitar at the start then it slows down to a 60’s blues chugger. This could easily have been a Buddy Guy or BB King song. It really is that friggin’ good. Oh, and Jimmy has a wicked solo too.

Blues Anthem (If I Cannot Have Your Love) – This reminds me of how Ian Gillan sounds in his later career. Jimmy does a really commendable job here. He uses the synthesizer guitar to make it sound like there is a string quartet in the background. While also mixing in some cool rock riffs. A really nice song to end the album on.

I really would love it if Jimmy found those old tapes and remastered the original 2 LP version he always wanted to make. I hear he’s pretty good at remastering.

Happy Birthday Jimmy. I don’t care what anyone says, this is a pretty damn good album.





Bob Einstein (R.I.P) Top 5

2019 seems to have started where 2018 left off. At least in terms of famous people dying. You may not know the name, but Bob was one of the funniest men to ever grace a television screen. The brother of fellow comedic actor Albert Brooks, he was often a guest on late night talk shows, portrayed Larry Middleman on Arrested Development, Marty Funkhouser on Curb Your Enthusiasm and many characters on Smothers Brothers and Dick Van Dyke. However,  for most Canadians he will always be known as Super Dave Osborne. Super Dave was sort of a half-assed Evil Knievel character that often ended up in a Wile E Coyote type predicament on the tv show Bizarre. I’ll miss you Super Dave. I think I’ll watch some of your re-runs tonight while wearing genuine Saskatchewan seal skin bindings.


Remembrance Day 2018

It has been 100 years since the end of World War 1. The war that was to end all wars. Obviously that was not the case, but maybe we can learn from our mistakes. Here is a tribute to my (and my family’s) step-fathers, uncles, cousins, friends and co workers that fought, so that I, and all of us could live in a free society. To all I say Thank You. If you have not done so, buy a poppy, go to a Remembrance Day ceremony, or even just have a moment of silence at 11am.



Contest Time : Win a free (signed) cd

The cd is unplayed (taken out of shrink) and signed by an awesome Canadian band.

Just guess what the songs have in common, and you win.

The Tragically Hip – At The Hundredth Meridian

Rush – A Passage To Bangkok

Tenacious D – City Hall

Beastie Boys – B Boys Making With The Freak Freak

Dead Kennedys – Stars And Stripes of Corruption

We Lost Gord Downie 1 Year Ago Today

Last Friday I watched the CBC documentary “Finding The Secret Path”. It was a snippet into the last year of Gord Downie’s life. Mostly revolving around his Secret Path album/tour and his relationship with the Wenjack family. It was an hour long, but it left me wanting so much more. One hour (including commercials) of possibly the last footage I may see of my hero is just not enough. I hope you were able to see it, but if not here are a few snippets.

Toronto based musical choir Choir Choir Choir(including 2 special guests) did a show last year to honour Gord.

They followed that up this past week with this.

Starting from the real early days..

After winning numerous Juno awards..

Winning the Order Of Canada..

Being honoured by the AFN (Assembly Of First Nations)

We miss you Gord. We love you Gord. Rest In Peace.