In other words

Recently I have requested interviews with different bands/musicians/etc. Usually the requests go to a middle man/woman. Often the promoter, venue employee, etc. They have all gone just about the same. “What media are you with?” “I am doing this for my own blog”. “Oh, the band is really busy. They won’t have time for you”

In other words. Frig off. You are not important enough to warrant 5 minutes(that was all I asked for). I am finding out the hard way that it is like getting into Fort Knox to interview more famous people. I know they use up a lot of energy performing live. I just wanted 5 minutes, before or after the show. I offered to do an interview by telephone, email etc., but no dice. I think in most cases the bands do not even know my requests were denied. I wonder if they know how this could negatively affect the way people like me look at their band.

I have already interviewed some opening acts. Some are previously from pretty big bands but are in a new band now, some just starting out, and possibly some will be older bands that have slipped in popularity. Either way, I am finding these people do not have the walls up blocking interviews, they all have been awesome to talk to, and grateful for any press. I know I will never become famous, but if  ever did, I would instruct my people that no matter how big or small the media outlet or blog, let him do his interview.

In some upcoming blogs I will post some interviews, reviews of the shows and music from these lesser known bands.

2 thoughts on “In other words

    • I saw Brian Vollmer at a TPB show, but did not want to bug him. Good to know he is down to earth. I want to do a post about vinyl and how many bands can not put their music on this format as it is too expensive. I already have some input from him on this but will see if he can expand.



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