R.I.P Ms. Pacman

It is with great sadness I inform you that the Ms. Pacman machine that I have played for over 20 years is no longer in service. Sonny’s is an landmark in my local city. It has served thousands of customers through the years, and only ever had one video game to play. The restaurant is close to the University and a few of the watering holes that are crammed from Tuesday-Saturday night. Back in my college days I would go there after the bar, order a burger or gyro, and play Ms. Pacman. Just hearing the music brings back good memories of good food, and fun times.

I have not gone there for quite some time, but went in last night and found the screen blank, and some shooting game beside it. That was weird. I had to put in 50 cents instead of the 25 Ms. Pacman cost and my game was over in about 2 minutes. I used to play Ms. Pacman for 20 minutes.

Oh well. I guess change is inevitable, but I am going to miss the old girl.

I have never seen this video before. This player is completely awesome.


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