2 of my favourite things

I was in the Beer Store last night and Man On The Silver Mountain came on. I can not explain the feeling of elation I felt while completely surrounded by beer, and hearing Ronnie James Dio. I was getting a few odd looks as I was singing along with the rock God.

I missed my opportunity to post about the 5 year anniversary of my favourite singer, but I will raise a beer in his honour, and include a few of my favourite songs of his.

His voice was easily in the top ten vocalists of all time, and at least on par with Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford.

I never got the opportunity to see RJD perform live. I was invited to see him with Heaven & Hell when they came to Toronto. But I remember saying “Next Time“. Of course there was no next time as he died shortly thereafter. That is easily my biggest music related regret I have. I have since done whatever I can to see a band I enjoy live, especially aging rockers. I suggest to all to do what you can to see your rock heroes.

As I leave, I want some music to represent my love of beer. It is not near as strong as my love of all things Ronnie James Dio, but I love it just the same.

10 thoughts on “2 of my favourite things

    • I remember being at my parents cottage when I heard on the radio he had died. I had to step away to cry like a baby. Probably one of only 3-4 musicians I ever cried for, but in RJD’s case it was as if I had lost a family member. To me that was the JFK, or Elvis death news of the Metal fan. One of those moments I will always remember.

      \m/ \m/

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  1. I never saw him either – but my wife saw him slay a dragon on stage at Donnington Monsters of Rock, back in the late 80’s. There’s not enough dragon slaying on stage any more.

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  2. Genius – she says it made her feel 17 again. It brought it all back to her, apparently the only thing missing was the bottles full of piss being hurled into the air!! Happy days!

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  3. fishface says:

    I was lucky enough (and old enough!) to see Ronnie on the first couple of Rainbow tours in London in the mid-late 70s. I remember the power of his voice which was amazing for a smaller guy. He used to waggle his fingers a lot as he sang, as though he was playing a trumpet.

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