Happy 50th Birthday Slash

For his birthday I will list some songs that are not as well known, or have been forgotten over the years. Here is the list, in no particular order. Let me know what you think, or if I missed any.

Coma-Guns n Roses

Locomotive-Guns n Roses

Down on The Farm-Guns n Roses

Mean Bone-Slash’s Snakepit

Beggars & Hangers-On – Slash’s Snakepit

Dirty Little Thing-Velvet Revolver

Just Sixteen-Velvet Revolver

Give In To Me-Michael Jackson

Obsession Confession-Marta Sanchez

Halls of Illusion-Insane Clown Posse

Doctor Alibi-Slash(feat. Lemmy Kilmister)

Apocalyptic Love-Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.

Happy Birthday Slash. I hope you keep rocking for 50 more.


25 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday Slash

    • I really liked finding out about the songs Slash played in. That Marta Sanchez song was also a uniqur one for him. I think the best MJ songs had awesome guitar work. Although this didn’t have the same impact as Beat It, the guitar work was on par with Eddie Van Halen

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    • Must be nice. I share a birthday with Whitney Houston and Telle Smith, but I would rather be invited to Slash’s party.

      It was kind of a.ount of a post. A few words and a whole lot of youtube links, but I found out on the radio it was Slash’s birthday and I had to post something to the man. Next year I will request a Slash song and give a shoutout to Aaron.


      • Haha aw shucks, thanks! I also share a birthday with Woody Harrelson. I imagine he’d be good for a few laughs…

        Also, I imagine Whitney Houston’s birthday party would be a total drag. Cemetery staff would frown on too much revelry, methinks… I had no idea who Telle Smith was until I Wiki’d him just now.

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      • For your birthday Woody and Slash show up with a bottle of Jack and a big bag of ganja. Woody portrays his roles in Natural Born Killers, People vs. Larry Flynt, and True Detective while Slash wails in the background.
        What a party

        For mine Gillian Anderson and I can do a remake of X Files while Sam Elliot just talks in his cool voice.

        I like your party better.


      • I dunno, is it a pool party? Anderson in a bikini… Haha the truth would be out there! Oh man.

        I went back to my birthday post ‘cos I knew there were others on my day. It was “Also Daniel Radcliffe, Marlon Wayans, Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP), Monica Lewinsky, Alison Krauss, Stephanie Seymour, and Haile Selassie.” Throw in Slash and Woody and it’s a proper shindig!


    • I wanted to post the lesser known Slash songs. In doing a.little research on these songs posted, I didn’t know Slash played in some and hadn’t heard most in years.
      Most of his more famous GNR songs have been player and wrote about.numerous times so I left them off.


      • Yeah you did say that right off the top of the post (sorry to make you repeat yourself)! I guess it’s just my bias showing. 🙂

        Another great Snakepit track is (the stupidly-titled) Jizz Da Pit. Oh my.

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    • I remember seeing Slash’s Snakepit open for AC/DC back in the day, and thinking I don’t know his songs, so just get it over with so we can see AC/DC. I regret not buying any of it now and being more into it. I mean, it’s Slash FFS. I will buy some if I see it, but I suspect it.is kind of rare. In all these years I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Maybe something for the grail list.


      • I don’t know why but I have never bought music over the internet. Only physical copies in person. I have never even gotten a download. I know. I’m a dinosaur. Probably the only person in the world under 50 like this. One day.
        I just enjoy the hunt and thrill of the chase. People look at me weird when I say “sweet” when I find a gem.

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      • Wow, never once online, either CD or download… AMAZING! At least you live in a town that has halfways decent record shops. That approach would NOT work for me, here. I’d almost have to give up completely. Relying on our little shite HMV express would drive me bananas!

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      • Also, I would never look at you weird when you said ‘sweet!’ on a cool find. Unless you looked at ME weirdly when I shouted something like ‘WAHOO!’ when I made a find of my own. 🙂

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      • I often do work in other town/cities and take twice as long in that place as I should because I need to hit every thrift store and record shop along the way.


      • Giv’er must be a southern Ontario thing because my buddies and I say that all the time.

        I wish it was a saying that movies used.

        It would have done well in The Terminator and Mad Max.

        James Hetfield could say it in place of yeah.


      • Yeah I dunno the etymology of it, but I am a southern Ontario boy, by birth. Maybe it’s in the water…

        Haha Hetfield. Sometimes I wish he’d say just about anything other than Yeah! Sigh.


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