In Thy Future Challenge

Danica from Living A Beautiful Life nominated me for this challenge. Thank You Danica!!!! I have never been nominated for anything in this blogger world.

Rules for the In Thy Future Challenge:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Link back to the challenge creator Carolina from yesterday after to track progress
  • Share 5 things about your future. Then one day you can look back and see how psychic you are.
  • Tag 5 bloggers and put them up to the challenge.

5 Things about my future:

  1. I will make money, no matter how little, writing about music
  2. I will visit record stores in over 10 countries
  3. I will learn to play guitar, drums or bass and join a band
  4. I will bury the speedometer on whatever I am driving on The Autobahn, and drive at Nurburgring
  5. I will find a record worth over $1000

My Nominees:






Anyone else in this blogger world is also free to participate.


20 thoughts on “In Thy Future Challenge

    • I got close to doing number 5 last week. Maybe in a few years it will be over $1000. I had to pay a lot for it though.

      50 cents at a thrift store. NM, opened but still in wrap.


      Number 2 should be doable. After a few days I am bored with resorts.

      My ultimate vacation would involve checking out record stores, book stores and whatever else through the day, and enjoying the musical finds at night. My wife might have something to say about that though.

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  1. Aw shucks, thanks Dude! I will do up my replies. This is fun! It just says “your future,” it doesn’t give a time limit. I like that. You know, I’ll do these 5 things in 5 years would be a lot more stressful and probably skew choices to the more easily doable…

    I like all your predictions. I’ll join your band – except I don’t live in your town and all of my skills are rudimentary at best! Hope it’s a punk band! I absolutely want to record-shop in other countries. Ten’s a great number, very possible. So far I have… 4. Cool! And a record worth over $1000? Jeez. I assume you mean you’ll find one in a used shop somewhere for $10, not actually buy a record for $1000 (are you gonna pony up for that 1 copy of the Wu-Tang record, maybe?)… 🙂

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    • Almost as stressful as top 15 albums on the 15th. 😉

      You could be the lead singer. I have a feeling you have a ton of energy and like to jump around a lot. You just have to snarl and swear, or “Smile and Wave.”

      I have been to 10 countries, but I wasn’t into records as much then, so I just relaxed, took in the sights and drank beer. What was I thinking? I did tend to mix travel with sporting events or music events so that was ok.


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