Musical finds at my local LCBO(Liquor Store)

2015-08-25 21.55.33Iron Maiden Trooper Beer. I could describe it, but I will leave that up to Aaron as he does a mighty fine job here…

I wonder what song I should include for this beer. Oh I know.

2015-08-20 19.19.44Primus-Zitsa. I bought this for my Mom as she likes white wine. She normally likes a sweeter wine, but she did like the fruity flavour, and hint of apple. She said it was the perfect wine for a sangria mix. I did not explain that I bought it because I love the following Primus song just because.

2015-08-20 19.23.09Mott’s Clamato Caesar. First off, those outside of Canada may be asking what the hell this is. It is kind of like a Bloody Mary but tastier and not as thick. The tomato juice is thinned with clam broth and vodka is added. This is the extra Spicy version I like with tabasco already added. Others may be asking what this has to do with music. I always think of one song when I think of Caesar’s.

2015-08-20 19.22.53Mill Street 100th Meridian organic Amber Lager. I have had a number of organic beers before. Most are just ok. This was an amber beer, which can also be spotty. But I had to have this because, well, The Hip. I must own everything Hip related. It really was an enjoyable beer. Slight aftertaste, but in a good way. More of a burnt orange colour than a red, so it is unique. A bit more malty than your average lager. I was almost tempted to drop a slice of orange in this one. Maybe next time. And yes, there will be a next time. I was torn as to what song to play with this one, so I guess I’ll go with this one.

2015-08-20 19.23.28Brewdog Punk IPA. This was a beer I had never heard of. Brewdog. I have also had some IPA’s that were a little strong for me. This is a 5.6%APV beer, so is fairly strong. It doesn’t taste it though. This isn’t the stuff Sid Vicious or GG Allin would have drank. They would have swilled down Colt 45. It is actually really awesome. It has hints of grapefruit, mulberry and maybe even some chocolate. I read the label after starting to drink it and found it was from Scotland. No wonder it is so good. One of my favourite beers(Innis & Gunn) is from there. It really did get better as I kept drinking

There were sooooo many punk bands I wanted to link here, but I think I will go on a punk music rant in some upcoming blogs. Anyway, since the beer is from the British isles, I will include my original, and favourite British punk band.

Happy drinking and listening.

33 thoughts on “Musical finds at my local LCBO(Liquor Store)

  1. Awesome! Time well-spent at the LC! I’m glad you dug the Trooper. I really enjoyed that one. And I think they dropped the price on it. It was $5.05 a bottle when I first got one, then $4.20 (or something like that) when I went back for more.

    I can’t imagine making sangria with a white wine. I’ve only ever used red wine. Black cherries are the best in it. One time we made it up, drank the wine and then put the fruit on really rich vanilla ice cream. Oh man.

    I had the 100th meridian beer in Taranna on our trip there in June. I agree with your assessment!

    I’ve never had a canned caesar before. Something about that just seems wrong. I don’t know why (maybe I’d add more vodka than they would? Haha likely, I’ve been told I;m a generous bartender). But if you say they’re tasty, then that’s one recommend for me to get in there and give ‘er! Didja salt the rim of yer glass?

    Also, big ups for the Innis & Gunn love. Which one do you like best? I’ve tried a couple of them, liked ’em all.


    • 420? Whwre have I heard that before?

      I would use red as well, but white wine lovers are crazy.

      My first hangover was wine. OUCH.

      I have cut down my salt use lately, although I do love a Caesar with salt rimmed glass, extra hot sauce, and celery. Sometimes I even put in some horseradish.

      I love all of I &G


    • Up here the LCBO is a nice experience. Most of the bigger stores are bright and new. They have a special section for high end wines and spirits. The staff are friendly and helpful and rhe whole experience is great.
      I heard somewhere that the LCBO( Liquor Control Board of Ontario) is the largest single purchaser of alcohol in the world, so at least my provincial government does one thing right

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  2. jprobichaud says:

    I love that Mill street 100th Meridian. I’m curious to know what other song you would have played while drinking that one. The Tragically Hip song was the one that was stuck in my head the night I discovered that beer in a pub in Carleton Place.

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      • I do like the sound of a beer being cracked open and poured, then I tune Jody out.
        I’ve found out though over the years, sometimes the ads we think are so annoying actually etch their way into our brains because we hate them so much.
        Noooooooooo body.
        Where’s the beef?
        I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

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      • Since we cut the cord on cable tv I get no more commercials. Even before that, I pvr’d the shows and skipped the commercials, so I don’t know about that Kardashian ad. But I have never watched an entire episode of any “reality” tv show, so I don’t know how truly annoying that family can be. I am quite sure they are annoyong as hell though.
        To me the wording in that ad is horrible. Not “everyone” looks better with a tan, having that fake tan orange glow is not appealing to me. I would prefer fair skin to the pumpkin look.


    • Such a visual song. Driving down a corduroy road. Weeds standing shoulder high. Ferris wheel is rusting. Off in the distance.
      I can visualize that image like a picture in my head the second the song starts playing.
      Such an awesome song. Robbie Baker’s 70’s era guitar, Gord Sinclair’s background vocals and amazing lyrics. Oh yeah, and any song that mentions Ry Cooder gets a 10/10 on my list.

      No problem on the list. I actually have at least 2 more to add to a new list as well.

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