Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II

Today Queen Elizabeth II is the longest serving UK monarch. To honour this achievement I will list some songs with the band title or song title with the word Queen. Some of the songs may not be pro-monarchy, but no disrespect is intended.

Nothing says congratulations like more cowbell.

I missed the anniversary of John Lee Hookers birthday, so the above is a little tribute to him as well.

Epic screams for an epic event. Queen in the band name and song title.

I chose the Aerosmith song. Something is wrong when the Aerosmith song has 28 million less views than the 30 Seconds to Mars song. Oh well.

Again, Queen in the song title and band name. Fit for a Queen.

Will this song, and the album it is from, Nature of the Beast make my top 15 albums on the 15th. HMMM.

In my world all Queens listen to metal.

Ann, Nancy and company ripping it up. The double neck guitar is the icing on the cake.

Again. No disrespect. I just love this song, and it may be the best known song about a Queen.


30 thoughts on “Congratulations Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Fun post. I thought ol’ Lizzie had been the longest reigning monarch for the last 25 years or so (isn’t she 209 by now?). Anyway. Poor Charles, eh? So close to that throne and never gonna get it. Tough titty Chuck!

    Pistols were the first thing that came to my mind and you saved ’em for last! “God save the queen ‘cos tourists are MONEY!”

    And may I also add the Who’s The Acid Queen, and Johnny Cash’s Ballad Of A Teenage Queen…

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