My top 15 albums when I was 15

Mob Rules

Moving Pictures

Shout At The Devil

Diver Down

Led Zeppelin II

For Those about To Rock


Nature Of The Beast


The Number Of the Beast

Screaming for Vengeance

Diary of A Madman

Love at First Sting

Allied Forces

Holy Diver

41 thoughts on “My top 15 albums when I was 15

    • I have collected a bunch of 80’s/90’s goth/alternative/new wave. If I was to choose some to listen to, where would you suggest I start?
      Maybe I’ll end up a 40 something year old goth. At least if I go all black, I can cover up these grey hairs popping through.

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      • I have all of the above. Thanks for the goth/new wave lesson.
        I really appreciate that every one of the pieces I find from these genres is in great shape. The listeners must have really loved their music.


  1. Also full Kudos for Diver Down! Man that’s a good curveball thrown at the plate! Like I always say it may not be the biggest seller of the bands output its jUst how it resonates with U the listener!

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    • I never did the poster thing, but the tickets on the cork board is what I still do. Then they never get lost.

      So many write ups could be about that time.
      Recording tapes.
      Waiting in huge lines for concert tickets.
      Teenage beer drinking parties.
      Concert reviews from memory.

      If I didn’t already have about 30 waiting to be posted I would do a write up on them all.

      Fun times


  2. I’m going to throw my hat in soon. Thanks for a near photographic musical memory I could probably tell you every single tape I had at 15.

    I had about 200 tapes I think. Roughly 4 tape cases worth. I had all the Kiss and all the Maiden at that age and they would dominate my list.

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