“Like a hand in a velvet glove”

Using the inspiration from http://vinylconnection.com.au/ , I thought I would do a post featuring gloves somewhere on the album cover.

The albums:
Presenting Mr. Tuff – Tony Tuff
Prisoners Of Pain – Judas Priest
Love Gun – Kiss
Enema Of The State – Blink 182
Look What The Cat Dragged In – Poison
The Catch – Nazareth
Is This It – The Strokes
Witch Hunter – Grave Digger
All American Boy – Rick Derringer
Below The Belt – Boxer
And one of the most famous that isn`t really an album at all.
Spinal Tap Smell the Glove
Some albums that didn’t quite didn’t make the cut:
Prize Fighter – Trisha Yearwood
Hard Labour – 3 Dog Night
Fires – Ronan Keating
The Stranger – Billy Joel
Metal Knight – Christopher Lee
Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera
Are there any I missed? Discuss

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