35 Years Ago- The Death Of John Bonham

To celebrate the life of John Bonham I will include some lesser known songs he performed on. We all know his famous Led Zeppelin tracks, but I will not include those. Instead some live songs, interviews, collaborations, and movie clips.

James Movement and the Senators-She’s a Mod

Band of Joy demo

P.J. Proby demo with The New Yardbirds as a backing band

The Family Dogg – Today I Killed A Man I Didn’t Know

Rare early live Led Zeppelin – Boston, Mass, USA Tuesday May 27 1969, Part 1

Part 2

“The Led What?” – Interview

Screaming Lord Sutch – Heavy Sounds

Lulu – Everybody Clap

Jimmy Stevens – Don’t Freak Me Out

Cameo in Son Of Dracula movie

Roy Wood- Keep Your Hands On The Wheel

Clip from TV Show ‘All Right Now’ , hosted by Billy Connolly, 1980

I now know I need to find all of these awesome songs and albums that I learned about by researching this post.

We miss you John. RIP.


21 thoughts on “35 Years Ago- The Death Of John Bonham

    • I am too. I really gained an even bigger appreciation of John Bonham, which I didn’t think was possible. All of these clips were diverse, and showed how his awesome talent could play blues, rock, pop, disco. Now I need to find more music.
      John isn’t the most co-operative person during the interview, but I loved the clip, and thought this was a glimpse at him shortly before his death.

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      • Well here’s my endorsement. Get the revised edition from the 1990’s. That covers everything including The Firm, Live Aid, Coverdale Page, and Page & Plant.

        Lemme tell you Bonzo didn’t sound like a very cool person to work with.

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      • I will look for that copy. Thanks.

        I’ve worked with a few alcoholics in the past, and they were all grouchy most of the day when they had to work. Sometimes sleeping in their cars at night, and usually hung over every day. It wasn’t fun, so I can imagine a rock star with an endless supply of.money, drugs and booze would be worse.
        In the 24 hours leading up to his death, John Bonham drank 40 shots of vodka. It is hard to fathom a guy that was as big of an alcoholic as he was, could be what many consider the best drummer ever. So for that alone, I have great respect for his talent.


      • Total respect for the man, and I’m sure when he was sober he was delightful. The story I read was that Bonham pissed himself on the plane, passed out. When he woke up, he forced one of the roadies to sit there, and then he took the dry seat. I don’t know if it’s true but it’s also said he used to spit on the roadies.

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      • You pissed your pants Mr. Lahey.

        Liquor snurf…

        But you also read just as many stories about Bonham being a gentle soul who loved and his kids, and was a loyal friend.

        OH OH! Here is a great story about Bonham, from Hammer of the Gods.

        Deep Purple were playing, and it was the new lineup with Tommy Bolin after Blackmore quit. Bonzo stormed the stage and grabbed a microphone:

        “I’m Bonzo from Led Zeppelin! Tommy Bolin is shite! We have a new album coming out called Presence and it’s great!”


      • ‘”Fill’er up Bubbles”

        I love Bubbles face when they zoom in on him. Also when he’s pointing at Laheys crotch as he pisses himself.

        CLASSIC LINE!!!!

        Tommy Bolin is shite.

        Hahahaha. I bet Tommy didn’t think it was fumny though.

        He couldn’t have been that bad if he replaced Troiano and Blackmore.

        Plus his band opened for Zeppelin in the past.


      • Here you go Jim! Propane propane…propane propane…

        I’m paraphrasing that Bonham quote, but that was the gist yeah. Purple suck and Zeppelin have a new album coming out. Thing is, I think he was friends with Glenn Hughes so it was kind of a dick move eh!

        Zep and Purp and Sabbath had a major rivalry as I’m sure you know!

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