Happy 67th Birthday Sammy Hagar

So we all know his I Can’t Drive 55 and his stint in Van Halen(Van Hagar?) so I will include some lesser known Sammy songs. Some people hate him because he replaced David Lee Roth in Van Halen. All I can say is I like his music and David Lee Roth`s, so even though haters gonna hate, you have to respect his ability, and his cool, fun-loving attitude.

From the self titled Montrose album(1973)- Bad Motor Scooter

From the Canadian film, Heavy Metal soundtrack(1981), Heavy Metal

I know I mentioned we all know about his stint in Van Hagar. This song was unique as it was done for the Twister soundtrack. This song was the straw that broke the Van Hagar’s back. It was during the time this song was being written that Sammy’s wife was pregnant. He asked the rest of the band to do the song in Hawaii where his wife was about to have a baby. They refused, so Sammy and his wife had to go back to California for the recording of this song. Sammy and Van Halen split after this. This may not be the best Van Hagar songs, but I like it, and is a little more obscure.

Twister soundtrack (1996)- Humans Being

Chickenfoot- Chickenfoot III(2011)- Bitten by the Wolf. This song was only available on the vinyl version. This is a live version.

Sammy Hagar & Friends (2013)- Personal Jesus. Before this research, I had only heard the Depeche Mode and Johnny Cash versions. I think this version is awesome. Heavier than the others. I especially love Neil Schon`s guitar.

Sammy Hagar & Friends (2013)-Winding Down. I had to include this one because it includes Taj Mahal. If you love the blues, you have to respect this 71 year old blues master lay down the licks. He even adds background vocals. I really need to buy this album.

Sammy arriving for the 2nd night of his Birthday Bash 2015 in 900HP race truck. This guy knows how to party. He has a 3 day bash at his bar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Little White Lie intro, Birthday Bash 2015

Happy Birthday Sammy. Maybe I`ll have a snort of Cabo Wabo in your honour, and one day I will party with you at your Birthday Bash.


22 thoughts on “Happy 67th Birthday Sammy Hagar

  1. I agree with you 100%. I do enjoy the recordings of DLR-led Van Halen more than Van Hagar. However, it is not Sammy Hagar’s fault that Van Halen broke up, so some people need to get over it. They were already done when he was asked to join the band. The Van Halen 5150 tour was my 2nd concert ever, and looking back, it was awesome. Sammy climbed to the top of the tower and sang Jump. Back then, I yelled back “Go ahead”, because I was bitter about the breakup. But I then went on to see Van Hagar 4 times. I did not get to see early VH, so I have only seen the 2012-2015 version of DLR-led Van Halen and have to say that Sammy’s voice has held up much better than Dave’s. I also think that Sammy is actually a better showman live(at least from what I personally have seen), and he just seems to be a fun guy that you would want to party with. As for Chickenfoot, I think if a person hates Van Hagar, they will not even give Chickenfoot a chance. My guess is Craig has not even listened to those albums. No matter what anyone says, he will not like Sammy Hagar post 1985.


    • Thanks. Taj Mahal has been so awesome for so long. Probably in my top 10 blues artists of all time list. Sammy really is fortunate to live the life he does, and be able to do what he loves with amazing musicians every day.

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  2. J. says:

    Oooft! I don’t know any of Sammy’s stuff other than Van Hagar and Chickenfoot. Shocker! Some of this appeals more than others, but definitely gives this guy a place to start looking!

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