“Bush Party Tonight”

Munenori Kawasaki, the backup infielder for the Toronto Blue Jays, is a fan favourite. His English is limited, but he always seems to say the right things. He is one of those players that brings energy and fun into the game. He is always joking around, and the reporters always want to speak to him.

In 2013 he snuck in with the reporters and asked his team mate, Esmil Rogers a question. The reaction from Rogers proves how important it is to have fun while playing sports.

Here he tells a reporter a joke.

Here is a clip of just a few of his funny moments

After the Toronto blue Jays got into the MLB playoffs for the first time in 22 years, Kawasaki spoke those infamous words.

The Blue Jays have been on a tear this year.

They lost the first 2 games at home, and then won the next 2, must win games in Texas to shift the series home to Toronto for the final, and deciding game.

Tonight the Blue Jays pulled off an almost impossible feat. They became only the third team in history to lose the first 2 games in a MLB playoff series at home, and then win the next 3 to win the series. The win came after the craziest inning of baseball I have ever seen. 58 minutes long!! An error by the catcher that caused a run to be scored against the Jays. The pissed off fans did not agree with the call and threw beer cans on the field. (I was embarrassed to be a Blue Jay fan at that moment), 2 bench clearing brawls (luckily no punches thrown), and 3 errors in the bottom half of the inning by the Rangers infield. Crazy inning indeed.

I had a feeling when Bautista was coming up to bat that it was his time. I yelled as loud as I did in 1993 when they won it all. I then cried tears of joy. I have never cried that much over a sporting event.

Let`s see that home run one more time. Turn it up.

Bush Party Tonight. You deserve it.


31 thoughts on ““Bush Party Tonight”

    • I think in the world of sports, many players come across as being in it for the money, stand offish and spoiled. Kawasaki is a fringe player who I believe is not quite good enough to be a regular player, but is kept around for team spirit and to keep the players from thinking about the game too much. He may not be the best player, but he might be the Blue Jay I would like to meet the most.


      • Haha nice assumption about smalltown life! Also, you’re totally correct. Ahem.

        Now, don’t forget the distinction between bush parties and gravel pit parties, because those are two very different animals.

        One of the first of these I ever attended, Sven Gali was played a lot. Oh man I am old.

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      • The last gravel pit party I was at 2 idiots got out their cars and starting playing “chicken”. I’m surprised no one got killed.

        Were you a Disgusteen that was Under the Influence?


      • Nope, didn’t drink at all then.

        So I was sober when I watched some doofus drive his little jeep down the side of the gravel pit, basically a straight vertical drop. How they weren’t flipped and killed, I’ll never know.


      • Tragically Hip & 93 Jays references? No small town, hometown bringdown’s here! That Bautista blast last night reminded me of Joe Carter vs. the Phillies, which is of course a wonderful memory for we Ontarians!

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      • I had that same feeling back in the day. I just knew Carter was going to crush it.
        As a fan of the team since the beginning, I recall the electricity at the stadium when I watched with 54,000 of my closest freinds. It is nice to see them get back to glory.

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  1. Holy shit, I was on the EDGE OF MY SEAT that entire game! Faithful watcher all summer, and at the expense of no writing blogposts and reading them. GO JAYS GO! 🙂


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