At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

For the fallen soldiers and those who made it home.

One of the most famous songs by Peter Paul and Mary, about a soldier shipping off to war.

Another song about a soldier going off to war.

A song about the Blue Berets, UN peacekeepers that are often dispatched in war areas.

A song based on the life of a soldier during war.

An anti-war protest song claiming the rich and powerful make the wars, but never fight them. That role is left up to the poor.

A song from Woodstock

For those who made it home broken and damaged

For those that didn’t make it. (The Highway of Heroes is a 175 km stretch of Highway in Ontario, Canada. All Canadian soldiers that are killed overseas are flown home to CFB Trenton. They are then transported to Toronto. During this trip, thousands of people line the highway to pay their last respects.)

A famous Canadian poem, read by a famous Canadian.

If you see a veteran today, shake his hand and thank him for the freedom you have.

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