Album Review: The Wild! GxDxWxB(2015)

I went to one of my local record stores a few weeks ago. I was talking music with one of the employees. He asked me if I had ever heard of The Wild! (I had not). “Dude, you have to check these guys out!!! They absolutely rock!!!” His exuberance towards the band led me to the cd section(sorry, no vinyl), where I bought the first EP released by the band, GxDxWxB (God Damn Wild Boys)

The Wild! are an appropriately named bunch of hooligans hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. They totally look and act the part of a hard partying, hard rock band. Living large, and having fun. When you open the gatefold cd case, the first words that jump out at you are “We are The Wild! & We Are Fucking Crazy.” No more needs to be said. Except to review the album

Party `til you`re dead – Starts off with cool riff then blasts into what I might describe as a late 80`s/ early 90`s romp. Kind of as if Brian Johnson called in sick and Jesse James Dupree(Jackyl) filled in.


Straight To Hell – Sick drum beat. Wailing vocals. Thrashing guitars. Nice background humming and vocals. Toe tapping along with the beat, then soaking in the awesome guitar solos.

Banger – Bass and cymbals start this off. Then the guitar and drums duel it out for supremacy. The twin lead vocals have a deeper growl at times that sound good, and a wail at times that rock. The background vocals in the recording almost have a live effect to them. It adds to the intensity of the song.

Deuces – I can`t quite nail down the vocals here. A bit of 80`s hair metal goodness. The middle of the song delivers a sweet harmonica solo. Nice touch.

Slow Burn – Slow guitar for a few seconds, then increases in intensity. I know that guitar sound from somewhere. See if you can pick it out in the video below (I will explain later) Booming bass. Guest vocalist Christina Vos adds a real sexy, added layer to the song with her beautiful background vocals. I don`t know much about her, but I am inclined to look further. Slow is the main lyric in this song. I suspect there is nothing slow about these guys. They are trying to bring back hard rock back into new music, and they are succeeding in my opinion. Just watch the video below to see what kind of crazy mofo`s you are dealing with.

What About You? – Slow, growly bluesy, ballsy song. It kind of reminds me of Brian Johnson doing a gritty, modern version of Ride On, except even a little ballsier, if that is even: a) a word, b)even possible.

Roadhouse – Sorry Julian. No Patrick Swayze here. Just kick ass, straight ahead rock n roll. Lyrics sound like Jesse James Dupree singing through a megaphone. I was waiting for the chain saw to fire up and The Lumberjack to kick in. Dual vocals help this song out with a complimenting and contrasting style. Kudos to the bass riffs, and the wailing guitar near the end.

This video was shot way back in 2012. Then Mike Fraser(AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, The Cult, Chickenfoot, Van Halen etc.) saw it, called the bands management and said he wanted to work with the band. WOW!!!

The band had enough material for a full album, but Mike Fraser trimmed it down to 7 for this EP. The EP was being recorded in the studio at the same time and place as Rock Or Bust. Mike Fraser let the band use Angus amp, and Angus and Malcolm guitars for recording Slow Burn. DOUBLE WOW!!!

I give the band 10/10 for rocking hard in 2015.

As for the EP itself, I give it a 9.8/10. I can`t wait to see these guys live, and hope there is a full album (including vinyl and cassette) in 2016.



27 thoughts on “Album Review: The Wild! GxDxWxB(2015)

    • I want more from them too.

      Not yet on the Biters. I usually procrastinate on new albums, and I just went hogwild on Cyber Monday(reviews coming for all). I probably will buy myself that Biters for Christmas.

      I have a few more reviews and band interviews right up your alley. One of the bands might be the Australian version of Biters or The Wild!, and possibly wilder than both.

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    • Not a bad song on this EP at all. I was reluctant to give them a 10/10 because it is their first effort, so how can it be perfect. But it really is awesome, so maybe it does deserve it. They must be all that though if a huge guy in the record industry is calling them and saying he has to work with them. What a break for a new band.

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    • Wow. Someone bought something based on my say.

      You really will like it. It sucks when an awesome band only releases it on one format. I have given in to the dark side as well many times this this year if there is no vinyl.

      Oh, by the way, I just read they released it on vinyl, including limited, coloured, marbled and clear vinyl versions, for the same price as the cd……………………………(as I hear the sound of hand hitting forehead)

      Just kidding. Cd only.

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  1. Wow that was a ton of fun, thanks for the heads-up on these guys! I can totally dig it. I hope they make the most of it and either expang their schtick or burn out fast, because that sort of party-hearty thing has a short shelf life of believability. Sad to still be singing Party Til You’re Dead when you’re 50. 🙂

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    • I have seen some punk bands that started out at 20 and now in their 50’s.
      Still in the same mindset. It looks kind of weird when a grey haired dude scrrams out anti-establishment punk, but they still killed it. That feeling never left. So I agree to an extent, but I know for me being in my 40’s I act like a stupid kid sometimes, and music often brings that youthful exuberence out. The Who still hopes they die before they get old, and Kiss still wants to rock n roll all nite and party every day.


    • I think a good music man can hear winning songs right away. He had the rep, and he told the band a) this was their first album so lets make it awesome eith no filler, and b) his name was on the album and he had a reputation to uphold.
      Sometimes it makes me kind of nervous for the follow up album that may be filled with the scraps that were cut out if this album.
      This EP is just one fun tune after another. It leftme wanting more.
      Also, not a good cd to pop in the car stereo. I was lucky to not get a speeding ticket.

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