Album Review: Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath (2014)

As some of you know I LOVE Black Sabbath. It was during one of my many Youtube searches of Sabbath songs that I stumbled upon this band, Brownout. They are a 9 piece, hardcore Latin funk band from Austin, Texas. It was during a period of extensive touring that the band devoted entire nights to covering other bands. The Black Sabbath covers were so hugely popular with the fans they chose to do an album. Some songs with vocals and some without. This album has a 70`s feel to it. Imagine if you will, Black Sabbath was doing a co-headlining tour with Santana in 1975. If the 2 bands decided to record together and re-record Sabbath songs, this LP might have been the result.

The Wizard – Bongos, and especially horns are the first things that let you know this isn`t your run of the mill Sabbath cover song. Alex Maas handles the vocals nicely.

Iron Man – Instrumental version with a gloomy, droan similar to the original. It sounds like something that could have fit right into a  70’s James Bond movie. Perhaps it could be used for an Iron Man movie sequel.

N.I.B – Another fuzzy, bass driven song. Alex Marrero makes another appearance on vocals.

Black Sabbath – The song that started it all for the band of the same title. More doom and gloom.

Hand of Doom – Deep, deep groovy bass moves this song along. Any punk in a slammed Honda would love to hear that oomph. Alex Maas mixes the vocal aspect up a bit. Amazing drumming, guitar and horn work round out this song.

Into The Void – Fuzzy guitars, horns and pounding drums.

Planet Caravan – Has a Merengue feel. David Jimenez performs remarkably on the vocals.

This album is wicked, in a good way. I never thought I would be hearing Sabbath played this way. But I love it. If you like the above videos, make sure you check out the Youtube clip of Brownout Presents: Brown Sabbath – Full Performance on KEXP. It is 25 minutes of pure awesome. Or even better yet pick up this album.







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