Album Review: David Bowie-Blackstar (2016)

As you all must know, David Bowie is gone. His new album came out on his birthday (Friday), and he died on Sunday of cancer. My new acronym to best describe my feelings for this disease is F.Y.C. (hint, not Fine Young Cannibals). He apparently had been secretly fighting the cancer for 18 months. I was on the fence about this new album when I heard about it last fall. I haven’t really followed him since the mid 1980’s. He is one of those artists though that you could lose track of for over 30 years, then jump right back on the band wagon. His talent bridges generations.

I am 100% certain that David knew the end was near. This was to be his Swan Song album. There are numerous references in at least 3 songs on the album about death. It has been roughly 10 years since David Bowie has performed live, and he has largely stayed out of the public eye. I saw some of the shows he did 10 years ago, and it seemed like his voice was gone. This album was his last kick at the cat, and he wanted to do it his way. This is not some corporate obligation album. This is David Bowie, doing what he does best in the 21st century.

Blackstar – A nearly 10 minute song to begin the album. The marching drums and the saxophone fill the background, while David wails and moans. As the song picks up the pace a bit, the vocals become more discernible and melodic. The bass has a low pound and the chants mix with flutes into a hypnotic trance.

‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore – “Man She Punched Me Like A Dude”. That tends to happen when you call someone a whore, David. I read the lyric sheet and it didn’t include some of the lines from this song. Naughty, naughty. The album even got the dreaded Parental Advisory Explicit Content sticker. Good on you David. I’m sure the powers that be tried to talk you out of saying what you mean.

Lazurus – Nice drum beat, mellow bass and soothing sax start this song off. The vocals and guitar kick in like a mule. They make you sit up and take notice. “Look up here, I’m in Heaven.” Abso(fucking)lutely foreshadowing his future. “Everybody Knows Me Now” Well duh. This might be the best song on the album. I would suggest it may be his best since the 70’s. As for the video below, it could easily have slid right into The Wall movie. Hopefully it stays just as iconic.

Sue  (Or In A Season Of Crime) – This song reads out to me like a long, love story. Getting a job, buying a house, living together, bad news about your spouse, picking out a grave, finding her note about her affair. Heavy stuff. Perhaps it was David’s song by proxy.

Girl Loves Me – Have you ever wondered how David Bowie would sound while yodelling? Yodel Lahey who? You know you want to hear it don’t you? “Where the fuck did Monday go?” Since I heard the brutal news this morning, I have no idea David.

Dollar Days – The words jump off the vinyl and grab you by the throat. ” I’m dying to”. “I’m trying to.” A saxophone wails as we comprehend the news we heard, and realize that Dave will never, ever deliver us another album.

I Can’t Give Everything Away – I lift the needle before this song starts. There is something so surreal in listening to the very last song David Bowie will ever put out on an album. The man was a musical God. My ears perked up just a bit more, and I closed my eyes to avoid distractions, soak it in and I let the needle hit wax. It has kind of a dance beat/jazz beat to start. Then the electric guitar wailing takes the song in an area I enjoy more. If the last thing I remember about David Bowie is electric guitar and keyboards, that is ok in my book.

As for David Bowie’s contribution to music, I give 10/10. The man was a genius, and I will miss him. I liked him so much, I convinced my family to name our puppy after him.

As for the album 8/10. RIP David. Say hi to Ziggy for me. I’ll miss you both.


16 thoughts on “Album Review: David Bowie-Blackstar (2016)

  1. J. says:

    Great review. This was on my list after hearing both Blackstar and Lazurus, cause they literally blew my mind. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a copy (vinyl). Looked again today and still no luck. Even Amazon, unsurprisingly, is sold out.

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    • Just like the Star Wars movie(which I might be seeing today), I didn’t want to see, or hear anything before the album came out. I really enjoy the songs and the videos. They have such a special meaning knowing what we know about his health, and impending death.
      As for the vinyl, I had to call about 20 shops until I found one. Most told me they had more stock coming, but some said the supplier was out of stock , so they had no ideas when they would get more, or if the price would have gone up. I found out too late there was a limited, clear version of David Bowie’s website. Those would be sweet.

      Also, a note about the packaging. It really is very impressive. Window to see the vinyl on the front, beautiful pictures, nice lyric book, heavy 180gram vinyl. Worth the extra money, and sounds so nice.

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      • J. says:

        Yeah – they videos have a bit more emotional weight (not that they lacked it!). I was talking with a friend recently about how powerful they were, how striking the imagery was, and I was actually really looking forward to hearing the album.

        But yeah, the vinyl looked really nice and I figured it would be worth the extra shillings. Now I just need to wait until it’s back in stock!

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    • He kind of reminds me of Prince in a way. Kind of a strange, talented individual, that reinvented himself numerous times. He played to the beat of a different drummer, and unlike 99% of musicians, seemed to have complete control over what was offered to the public.

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