“Bad” Spots In Music

A post today about bad spots in musical recordings. I had Quiet Riot-Metal Health on cassette. It had a bad spot in the tape. Whenever I heard the song Metal Health (Bang Your Head) I would anticipate that bad spot. When I heard the proper version, it sounded weird to me. Another song I thought had a bad spot was I Love Myself Today by Bif Naked. Listen to the video below at 1:36. There is a glitch on the studio version that I can only assume was left there on purpose. I have no idea why.

Merry Clayton gave her all on Gimme Shelter. She was woken up at midnight to come to the studio to sing. Her voice cracks but it was left in the recording, which made the listener actually feel how hard she was screaming to get those notes out. That was Mick Jagger yelling ‘woo’ as I’m sure he was as impressed as we are. Merry was pregnant at the time, and unfortunately the strain from singing her part contributed in having a miscarriage right afterwards.

The bass line was off at the start of Cannonball by The Breeders and then corrected. It really adds to the song in my opinion though.

Jeff Lynne may be one of the best musical geniuses of modern times. I wonder if it was intentional when his band ELO recorded Sweet Talking Woman. It sounds as if one of the channels dropped off of the song at 1:54.

Chicago had some of the biggest hits of the 70’s and 80’s. Their song Wishing You Were Here has a warbled sound at 2:03


Whoever was in charge of cutting and splicing tape during the recording of For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield left a few sections on the cutting room floor. The B is left of Beware and the P is left off of People In The Street.

One of the most covered songs ever, Louie Louie has a curse word, a false start, missing notes, but it was in Animal House, so all is good.

Lastly, one of my favourite guitar songs of all time Funk # 49 has Joe Walsh make a very minor error that was never corrected at 2:49

Feel free to share any songs I missed, or let me know about songs/tapes/cd’s/records that had a bad spot you got used to.



25 thoughts on ““Bad” Spots In Music

  1. Woah! My Quiet Riot on cassette had a real glitch side two! There was just a bit of one in the song Let’s Get Crazy. Today when I hear the proper one on CD I always anticipate that glitch. Always. And I have probably now heard the correct version many more times.

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  2. Cool article! For actual sound drops check out Source Of Infection by VH on the OU812 album. First time I heard it I was like ..is this thing screwed? Where’s the bass?….

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    • I’ll check it out. The cool thing about stuff like this is once you hear something like a glitch, or misheard lyric, you can’t unhear it.

      I think Michael Anthony had to take a leak during the recording of that song.


      • I think of Michael Anthony as a big Teddy Bear. Always smiling and happy.
        Wouldn’t say shit if his mouth was full of it.
        I bet the VH brothers despised him for wanting to play with Sammy.
        Life’s too short to be bitter, hold grudges,and fight all the time.

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      • Read Hagars Red Book and in the forward to it Anthony says that some nights on stage Ed would be his best friend and other nights Ed would just look through him….it was brutal but Anthony has always takin the high road….

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      • I respect Michael so much for that. As for Sammy, I know money talks, but I do not see a VH reunion. That would hurt his relationship with Michael. So unless Michael is let back in, Sammy is out.
        As we know, Wolfie is the bassist now, so no Michael, no Sammy and quite likely no more VH.
        We all see the fans telling AC/DC they do not want to see a new lead singer, so maybe the same for VH.


    • I read an interview where the bassist, Josephine Wiggs stated after a hiatus from practising the song when it came time to record she was playing on the wrong part of the neck, but she quickly switched. They all thought it sounded cool so they kept it.
      I agree the sisters were cheeky and awesome.

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  3. The Bif Naked song: is that guitar glitch on the studio recording anywhere else? Sounds to me like it was deliberate.
    You ever see 20 Feet from Stardom? A great doc. Merry Clayton is in it and talks about the night she was spirited away to the studio in a bathrobe and curlers. The hair stands up on the back of my neck when you hear her sing Rape! Murder!…Now I think about that every time I hear Gimme Shelter.
    The Breeders – man, I love that song. If that opening riff was a mistake, you wouldn’t know it.

    One boo boo I am aware of is the beginning of “The Immigrant Song” which has a hiss and count off.
    Also, in “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, you can hear John Bonham’s bass pedal squeak throughout the song.

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  4. Interesting post Brian – I can think of a few taped copies of albums that I have with bad spots on the cassette. I find it weird when I hear the Gin Blossoms ‘until I fall away’ without the sound of a tape being eaten & restored in the bridge!
    But one in the recording? Can’t think of one not listed here, I’ll be listening for it now

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  5. I had a BTO single for Taking Care Of Business. Remember those 2-track black and yellow CD singles in the 90s, with no cover art? Anyway, there was an error in the transfer for this one, and right in the intro there was a glitch like a DJ scratch in the opening guitar. I knew it was there so it wasn’t a problem. Now I have a clear version and I still wait for it.

    Being a fan of Guided By Voices, I am well used to bad spots in tunes, especially the early years. Hell, the guitars aren’t even always in tune. But they are their own beauty and art in themselves.

    One spot I can’t stand (but that was surely deliberate anyway) was Jennifer Warnes’ howl in the original Hallelujah. The great tune is going along nicely and then she sounds like she stubs her toe. Jars me everytime and I’ll never forgive her.

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