Album Review: Eagles of Death Metal – Zipper Down (2015)

We all know the band now, but probably for the wrong reasons. If you didn’t know the band before that fateful day in Paris at the Bataclan Theatre, you now do. I probably did not focus on the band in years past because of the name. I wrongly assumed it was a death metal band, and the growling vocals of that genre are not my favourite. I can only assume that the band name has caused some others to ignore the band as well.

With a name like Eagles of Death Metal, one would assume they were a very hard, and loud band, with wailing guitars and screaming, growling vocals. One would be wrong. This band is very different from the name. It might be more like a combination of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Chuck Berry, City and Colour, and Spinal Tap. A weird combination for sure, but with a huge dose of tongue in cheek, these guys can pull it off. They never take themselves too seriously. Josh Homme was quoted as saying “Four out of three doctors say Zipper Down is an eargasm trapped inside a Crazerbeam.” Jesse Hughes in turn said “I came up with a great analogy for what the music is. It’s bending George Clinton over a couch and butt-fucking him using Little Richard as the dick, and the Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry as the balls.” Ummm. Yeah. Moving on.

I bought the cassette version mainly because I have tons of vinyl, tons of cd’s, but have only a handful of new release cassettes. Cassettes haven’t died, but most of the bigger acts do not issue them, so I had to buy this when I saw it. I wrongly assumed that when Metallica did a cassette release, and it was such a great seller, that everyone would jump on board. Besides it is a cool red cassette. Possibly the first one in my collection.

Complexity – With the drums booming, the vocals making a magical beat, and all kinds of weird and wonderful noise, this song is a great start to the album.

Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M) – Cool song that has a bit of a updated Cars (Gary Numan) beat with a not so cool theme. The theme is about a hipster, wannabe who would trade the services of his girlfriend to the bouncer in order to be let into the happening hotspot.

Got A Woman – Starts off with Rocker (AC/DC) riff and morphs into a Ramones-like fast paced rocker, and back again.

I Love You All The Time – Has a bit of a country rock twang and cool guitar slides. A neat song about unrequited love. The French language section adds a neat touch.

Oh Girl – A 70’s sounding number that has elements of funk and early electronic music.

Time to get up and flip the cassette over.

Got The Power – Vocal harmonies begin this song with high highs and low lows that remind me of the Oak Ridge Boys. This is no country song though, with a pounding drum beat, addictive guitar riffage, and vocals that make you want to sing along.

Skin Tight Boogie – Fuzzy guitars, talk box, and Jack White themed guitar riffs. What a wicked combo. This song makes me wonder if EODM got a call from Steve Miller about music plagiarism. The similarity between this song and Space Cowboy is very evident, but the world is big enough for both as far as I am concerned. They are both freaking awesome.

Got A Woman (Slight Return) – Very promising sound. Too bad it is so short lived.

The Deuce – Has a bit of a 70’s Rolling Stones flavour. Fuzzy guitars are always welcomed in any song I listen to, especially if they take centre stage. This is a real toe tapper. I never knew this, but apparently The Deuce can boogie.

Save a Prayer – I never, ever thought I would hear this song again. Duran Duran and I never really saw eye to eye. I heard it enough back in the day to do me for life. This version is pretty cool though. I really like when bands take a pop song, and rock it up.

The Reverend – I wonder if this has a bit to do with front man, Jesse Hughes becoming an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. This has nothing to do with religion though, and all to do with getting on the dance floor and shaking your groove thing. The guitar work here is especially intoxicating.

I am glad to see the tragedy in Paris did not end the band. They are starting a world tour 2 days from now, hopefully coming to a city near you.

As for the album 8.75/10






12 thoughts on “Album Review: Eagles of Death Metal – Zipper Down (2015)

  1. Nice write up Mr. I bought this a couple of days before Paris and apart from the funny cover and packaging I was pretty disappointed with it, it only got me toe tapping and head nodding once or twice. I don’t think there’s much in here that would have made it onto their debut album.

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  2. Zack says:

    I could have lived the rest of my life without Hughes description of this band. But I’m glad you shared it. Now I’ll probably never get that image out of my head.

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  3. I don’t mind their music, but it doesn’t do too much for me. A bit too jokey for me I guess.

    But I really don’t care for Jesse’s views on gun control so EODM are pretty much on the periphery of my radar.

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    • I guess the same could be said for Ted Nugent, and I know you like his stuff.

      Lets put it this way. Jesse is an ordained minister, that is engaged to a porn star????

      He was attacked by gun wielding terrorists that killed his friends but still thinks everyone should own a gun???

      ANNND he loves Donald Trump for President????

      Still. No matter. Politics, religion, values, gun activism. Whatever it is I only judge a musician by their music. Nothing else means anything to me.

      I enjoyed this more than you obviously. As for a joke the same could be said for Tenacious D, but they kick ass.


  4. J. says:

    Nice write-up. I haven’t picked this one up yet. Truth be told I wasn’t big on their last album and haven’t really latched onto what I’ve heard from this either.

    I would recommend Peace, Love, Death Metal and Death By Sexy, though. Both of those are thoroughly enjoyable albums!

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