We miss you Randy

March 19, 1982. 34 years have passed since the death of Randy Rhoads. One of, and some might argue the best guitarist the world has ever seen. He only lived 25 years, but he gave us so many wonderful riffs, so I thought I would share a few with you.

Not as well known were his days in Quiet Riot, and good quality footage is not out there to my knowledge

He seems like he was a humble, nice guy. I have never read anything negative about him.

Some of his playing when he was 15

Ozzy listens to lost Randy Rhoads solo

An interview with Randy’s mom Delores (RIP) done by a 15 year old in 1984

News reports from that day in 1982

10 thoughts on “We miss you Randy

  1. Nicely written and put together Bop! I found out in my local newspaper the next day ..total disbelief at the time….too bad there’s never been a real good live video documenting his performance other than the short little TV special…

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    • I agree.

      I wonder if the person that uploaded the newscast thing to youtube was Canadian.
      There was a mention of Q107. Back in early 80’s “The mighty Q” was the station to listen to all over Southern Ontario if you liked rock.
      Great station back in the day.


      • I can almost bet I was listening to that broadcast about Randy’s death back in the day because I listened to that station every day.
        I think they say if you remeber the 80’s you really weren’t there, or something like that.


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