Prince Top 10 Tribute

Here is my list of the Top Ten Prince Moments

All of these guys are awesome guitar players, but Prince was chosen for the solo. Oh, and he owned it.

A Super Performance. Possibly the best Super Bowl half time show ever.

He was no creep

Wicked dance moves

Always in my hair

He sometimes went crazy

Not just doves are crying today

Nikki my darling

Arsenio Hall

RIP Prince.

3 thoughts on “Prince Top 10 Tribute

    • I watched the video, and was hoping kicked off meant with a boot to the ass.
      He told her “get off the stage” and then “Welcome to America.”
      Not a big surprise a poser like her could get front row tickets. Glad to see she doesn’t always get what she wants.


      • Amen to that. I stay well clear of all of that crap. Not having a TV really, really helps. But even my peripheral knowledge of any of it tells me I don’t want to know any more.

        Prince was too classy to let that crap onto his stage.


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