Pre-Canada Day Finds At The L.C.B.O.

Canuck Pale Ale(5.2%) – Great Lakes Brewery makes this handcrafted beer with only 4 ingredients. Water, Malted Barley, Hops and Yeast. It is a little spicy for my liking. Almost like mixing beer with Jagermeister. I like the lumberjack on the can though.

Waterloo Dark(5%) – Fear not beer drinkers. This beer is not as the title would seem. It is nothing like any dark beer you have ever had. It is very smooth and actually very light. But I can guarantee (there’ll be no knock on the door, I digress) that you will win over anyone that says ” I don’t like dark beer.”

Hundredth Meridian(5%) – I already reviewed this beer on these pages in an earlier post. I played The Hip song of the same title last time, so how about a song that may represent something we see on Canada Day.

Reifastat Cab Merlot – I was in line at the LCBO with my beers when I thought I would like some red wine with dinner. The problem was it was 5pm the day before Canada Day, and all 4 lines were 20 people deep. No way. I guess we’ll have to go without. I got to the front of the line and saw a display beside me with this wine and a  “staff recommends” sticker. This wine is the driest wine I have ever had, but it is good. I liked it. It paired well with homemade hamburgers. I would definitely buy this again. I usually think of UB40 when I think of red wine, but since this is from Niagara, and that is the honeymoon capital of Canada.

Heroes(5%) – I grabbed a bunch of these beers and I was hoping they were good. I had heard about Heroes this week on the radio. A portion is donated to Wounded Warriors. This is a Canadian charity that helps soldiers and first responders dealing with mental health issues and PTSD. A great cause. Please visit As for the beer, it is cold filtered for extra smooth taste. It really is an enjoyable summer time beer.


On Canada Day 1992,  The Tragically Hip went coast to coast. They performed in St. John’s Newfoundland, Barrie Ontario, and Vancouver B.C. all on the same day. Here are youtube clips of 2 of those shows.

One final note. The radio station 97.7 HTZ FM from St. Catharines Ontario is having an all Hip day today. Starting at 9 am and going to midnight they will be playing all of The Tragically Hip albums starting at the beginning with their first EP. They will also be playing interviews, memories, live stuff, and rare clips. Then from midnight to 2am they will recap the day. 17 hours of The Hip. Sounds pretty good to me. Even if you are not from the St. Catharines area, you can listen live on the radio website.

Happy Canada Day!!!!

49 thoughts on “Pre-Canada Day Finds At The L.C.B.O.

    • Cool I will look for that.

      Speaking of Thunder Bay, I just bought a limited edition 7″ from Ian Blurton from his old band C’mon. It includes the lyrics for the song City Of Daggers. It was wrote on stationary from the Landmark Inn 1010 Dawson Road Thunder Bay. It even has a stain on it from a beer bottle.

      I’m listening to The Hippest Canada Day Ever broadcast right now on 97.7 HTZ FM. They just started Up To Here.

      Have a good one. Is it raining up there?

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  1. Haha that radio station stole their idea from me – I often have days where it’s all Hip all day!

    I like the beer reviews. I’ve had the Hundredth Meridian (and posted on it), and a couple of weeks ago I tried a Canuck Pale Ale. My son picked it because of the picture on it. I liked it! I don’t remember any spicy, as you mention. And Waterloo Dark – youre right, kinda false advertising!

    If you want another good one, try Old Tomorrow Track 85 Lagered Ale. It’s got John A. MacDonald on the can (perfect for Canada Day, my favourite Prime Minister! and yes I am geek enough to have a favourite Prime Minister). It’s a lovely beer. They make another called Old Tomorrow CPA (Canadian Pale Ale) which is good too, but I preferred the Track 85.

    As for the red wine, I like ’em dry too. I always say it’s a perfect bottle if it coughs when you open it.

    Happy Canada Day, Bop!


  2. 50 along with Black Label, OV and Pabst Blue Ribbon are now the 4 exclusive beers drank by hipster douchebags. 5 years ago no one drank them, now every bar stocks all of them.


    • I had a spiked root beer recently (not Mad Jack, I don’t think, but another one), and it totally just tasted like root beer. I only had the one, not enough to even get a buzz on it, but I can’t imagine it’s a good drunk. Way too sweet.

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    • I have heard the spiked rootbeer is gross, but I want to try one for myself. Obviously people have different tastes. I want to have a bunch of those and then watch the A & W Rootbeer bear commercials on Youtube. Ba dum ba dum…..

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      • It was just like drinking root beer, nothing much different. Drink a few, though, and you get wobbly. Odd.

        When we toured schools with out concert band, we’d do demonstrations on the instruments, and the tuba player always played that theme. It always went over well.


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