The Tragically Hip – Live Between Us & Yer Favourites (1997, 2005)

I wanted to do both of these albums together, since one is live versions of songs I have previously reviewed, and the other is a greatest hits package. Yer Favourites also has 2 new songs so I will review those as well.

Live Between Us. I have heard at least one radio dj question whether the album title was it was live (as in live your life) or live (as in live music). I always assumed it was Live (the 2nd one) Between Us since it is a live album. This album was recorded November 23, 1996 at Cobo Hall in Detroit. This single cd has 14 songs on it. I looked at the setlist from the shows before and after this show, and they had 22 or 23 songs. I wish this had been a 2 cd set with all of the songs that would have been heard that night. The production and sound quality is amazing on this cd. Apparently there were no overdubs or fixing of any kind on this album, and all I can say is the band was on fire, and near perfect.

The best part for me was Gord doing his thing. Changing lyrics, and adding in lines to songs. It is not quite Killer Whale Tank or Double Suicide, but still awesome.

Yer Favourites is an amazing, 2 cd best-of compilation. It includes some songs I will soon be reviewing, so I will stick to the 2 new songs. This compilation was chosen by the fans through an online poll, so we have no one to blame but ourselves if there are songs missing that we love. I would say it was really good. Maybe missing a few, but not many.

It is strange to me why they remixed 3 songs on this compilation. Looking For A Place To Happen, Fully Completely and Courage (For Hugh Mclennan, even though I say we make it for Gord Downie). They are all off of Fully Completely, and there are others on here from that album that do not get a remix. I do notice subtle guitar and drum differences. I’m not sure why the changes were needed.

No Threat – The version in the below video is a live version. The album version on this compilation sounds ever better. Gord has an edge to his voice and the musicianship is amazing.

The New Maybe – A really beautiful song. Soft and gentle like a spring breeze.

I will knock a bit off the score because I would have preferred the entire live setlist, and maybe a song or 2 added to the comp, but overall these are great albums.


16 thoughts on “The Tragically Hip – Live Between Us & Yer Favourites (1997, 2005)

  1. The story I had heard about the live album’s title was that it came from graffiti that read “the Hip live between us” and thus it was “live” as in “live your life.” But there may be nothing to that.

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    • Yesss. Thanks for reminding me. That’s what the dj was talking about. A former member of the band had to chose to break up with her or the band. He painted the graffiti to represent that the band lives between him and his girl.
      He chose the girl and left The Hip.
      I hope she was worth it.
      Can you imagine?

      I am quite sure most people asumed it was pronounced Live since it was a live album, but like many Hip words it has a double entendre.


  2. I was at a restaurant on the May long weekend that was playing Yer Favourites – needless to say, I quite enjoyed the meal! Alas, the 2CD came out at the peak/depth of my obsession with studio running orders/disinterest in compilations, so I never ended up getting it for myself (did buy it as a gift for my inlaws though, so it’s at least in the family).
    And the Live or live album, it’s great, however it’s pronounced!


  3. Oh man. GREAT live record (I agree, wish it was the whole set), and it’s really hard to go wrong with a hits set. We could quibble over songs missing, but we all own all the albums anyway, so we can just make out own!


  4. Live Between Us is a big part of what made me fall in love with the band in the first place (I was a late bloomer, used to hate them actually). I love how the Yer Favourites songs were chosen.


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