The Tragically Hip – World Container (2006)

WOW. Bob Freakin’ Rock as a producer. He has(had) the rock cred. His last name is Rock for heavens sake. Sonic Temple, Dr. Feelgood, Black Album, Keep The Faith just to name a few. This album was going to rock. Bob Rock.

Yer Not The Ocean – Great first song. It comes across as a woman that feels she is all that. Gord let’s her know she is not actually all that. “You’re not the ocean. You’re not even close.” I personally enjoy the jab at Britney Invisible, the guitar work (natch), and the vocal differences between the soft and hard parts of the song.

The Lonely End of The Rink – Screeching guitar and pounding drums begin this song off. Then the bass booms in and Gord chimes in. All four musical components blend for a really good tune. The fact that it has a flamenco guitar section and that it has a hockey theme are icing on the cake.

In View – The drumming starts off like I’m An Adult Now, then the keyboards lighten the song a bit. Not enough to ruin it though. This is another cool tune. The lyrics of “Phone rings once. Phone Rings Twice. Phone Rings Three Times” are actually a highlight for their simplicity and uniqueness.

Fly – Quoting Bohemian Rhapsody is always a good thing in my mind. Also name dropping places in Canada, amazing vocals and wonderful guitar.

Luv(sic) – Cool word play in the title. The subtle yet powerful drums, the trippy background effects and Gord’s voice are the highlights of this one for me.

The Kids Don’t Get It – Gord is the star here. He goes from soft to punk rock belter and back. The song is way too long and repetitive but Gord makes it listenable. His yells especially the whails.

Pretend – WT Flying F is this? Did I mistakenly pop a Michael Buble song in? Ladies and Gentlemen, the award for the worst Tragically Hip song ever goes to…..Pretend.

Last Night I Dreamed You Didn’t Love Me – More drivel from Bob(I refuse to use his last name from this point forward). This song has some decent drums and guitar but the lyrics are droning and repetitive. The lovey dovey theme is following the last awful song and leading the album in the wrong direction.

The Drop-Off – That should have been the song title 2 songs ago to represent the album drop off. The guitar work and Gord’s voice are good here though. Maybe this album can be brought back from the dung heap.

Family Band – This is a good song.Β Name dropping Dylan, the lyrics “Hey get that kick drum loaded. Into the back seat folded down.”, the great guitar, and Gord’s voice are the highlights for me.

World Container – This is perhaps not the best song to end the album on. Think a slighty harder version of Elton John. Bob even brought his kids along to sing background vocals. Totally professional. The kids don’t get it. Maybe the adults don’t either.

I had high hopes for this album with Bob on board. I was hoping he would harken back to his earlier days in the 90’s and live up to his last name. However, he wasΒ also producing softer bands such as Michael Buble and Bryan Adams by this point in his career, and I think he steered the band into softer, perhaps even cheesy territory. Bad move Bob.

I should be fair, as there are good songs on this album. It’s just the totally awful, sappy, lounge lizard songs almost ruin the album for me, but I will look at the album as a whole.







16 thoughts on “The Tragically Hip – World Container (2006)

  1. Man to pull off sappy lounge lizard tunes and still score a 7.5 is decent…I have this one loaded on the iPod for a long time and like bunch of stuff after 1998 i may have to check it out…
    Off to the Lounge Lizard I go…haha…

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  2. I still like this album. It’s what they did at the time, and this is a band we trust, so we know they had their reasons. I’d like to believe it was partly what they wanted, not just Rock’s influence. I dunno, man, maybe give it some time and then try again? πŸ™‚


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