These are the Dave’s I know, I know.


I went to the Prophets of Rage Concert last night and for the second last song a surprise guest came out on stage. The crowd went nuts. I was half way down the aisle heading for the train when the band announced him. I quickly bolted back to my seat. I’ve never seen him live, so tonight I saw a ton of musicians I had never seen before. A full review of the concert is en route, but here are some shite photies, and a video or two.






17 thoughts on “These are the Dave’s I know, I know.

  1. They throw the term ‘Supergroup’ around a lot. However, this group of musicians was super.

    Fighting for my square footage on the train with CNE attendees, Blue Jay fans and concert goers was a challenge.
    But yes, well worth it.


  2. J. says:

    I heard the Prophets track on the radio on Wednesday. Sounded okay. Like Rage Against The Machine with a different vocalist, really. Could have been on Battle… I reckon.

    Shame Dave Grohl turned up and ruined your evening 😉

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