Album Review : Bruce Springsteen-Chapter And Verse (2016)

This is the first Bruce Springsteen album I have ever bought brand new. I have a ton of his albums, but I always bought them second hand. Perhaps the fact that I wanted to buy his new book, Born to Run. I took the plunge and got the cd/book together. Also the fact that 5 unreleased songs were included on this cd, and the songs chosen were not always “the hits”.

Baby I – This was a song by his first band, The Castiles from 1966. To me it is very similar to songs of the day. Maybe a little Kinks influence.

You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover – Another Castiles song from 1967, which is actually a cover of a Willie Dixon song. The beginning has aspects of Wild Thing by The Troggs. It also has a bit of an blues feel with the harmonica, and the Hammond organ work is pretty cool.

He`s Guilty (The Judge Song) – This was the band Steel Mill from 1970. Steel Mill also included Vini Lopez, Danny Federici, and Steve Van Zandt. The 3 members went on to form the E Street Band. This song has an early James Gang meets early Thin Lizzy meets Southern Gospel. This is a real cool sing-a-long.

The Ballad Of Jesse James – This was a song from The Bruce Springsteen band from 1971. One of many bands that were short lived after Steel Mill broke up. The guitar work and Bruce`s lyrics are the stars here. This song could very easily have turned up on an Allman Brothers, Little Feat or Lynyrd Skynyrd album and would have been a sure fire hit.

Henry Boy – This is Bruce Springsteen solo from 1972. I can only assume this is an early take on the song that would eventually become Rosalita. Another amazing song. (I included live footage of this song. The version on this album is a studio version however)

I won`t go into detail about the remaining 13 songs but suffice it to say the selections are pretty cool. Bruce didn`t go the hit route. He chose many songs from his long list of albums, including many b sides that will be new to a lot of listeners that only know the hits.

Of course he included Born To Run, Badlands, The River and Born In The USA, but he also included 4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy), Growin` Up, My Father`s House, Brilliant Disguise, Living Proof, The Ghost Of Tom Joad, The Rising, Long Time Comin`, and Wrecking Ball.

I really enjoyed this album. Many of the songs I had not heard in years, some were new, and the obligatory songs will never get old.





EP Review: Prophets of Rage (2016) #200wordchallenge

This 5 song EP is from a band that many consider to be one of those buzz words that rhymes with superdupe. I, along with many fans of Rage Against The Machine have been waiting for the possibly inevitable reunion. The band put out such strong records in the ’90’s that fans salivate over anything even remotely close. Also Chuck D is incredibly awesome and DJ Lord and B-Real are no slouches either.

Prophets Of Rage – Sirens wail, and drums pound. “Clear the way….” Chuck D is on fire on this song. B-Real does his best Insane Clown Posse impression, and the boys from Rage kick ass and take names.

The Party’s Over – Ok. Did the band Know I was doing a misheard lyrics post as well? They must have. The Party Sofa. I don’t think I want to sleep on that one thanks.

Killing In The Name (Live) – This does not have the intensity of the original. The guitar, bass, and drums are wicked awesome though.

Shut ‘Em Down (Live) – A better live version. The keyboards have kind of a VH feel.

No Sleep ‘Til Cleveland (Live) – Bonus points from me for doing a Beastie Boys song.


Misheard Lyrics #200wordchallenge

Earworm Alert. Once you hear some of these, you can’t unhear them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden. I Can Suck It Up sounds like Suck A Duck.

Judas Priest – Breaking The Law sounds like Raking The Lawn.

Our Lady Peace – Heavyweight. Building Fires By Their Homes sounds like Building Fires By Their Balls.

The Offspring – Coming For You. Don’t Get Caught sounds like Donkey Kong. In fact, most of the searches on the internet list Donkey Kong as the lyric.

The Who – Bargain. I’d Gladly Lose Me To Find You sounds like I’d Gladly Eat Moose Meat To Find You.

AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap sounds like Thunder Chief. That is the oldest one in my collection. I first heard this in grade school back in the day.

Yes – Roundabout. Mountains Come Out Of The Sky sounds like Mullets Come Out Of The Sky. I wonder if that means the fish, or the hairstyle.

Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love sounds like Eat Turkey For Lunch.

Drowning Pool – Bodies. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor sounds like Let The Bunnies Hit The Floor.