Album Review: Airbourne-Runnin’ Wild (2007)

I’ve seen Airbourne twice so far, and they are an amazing band to see live. Joel O’keefe smashes beer cans against his head and runs around like a coked up Neanderthal being chased by a velociraptor.

The band put out a EP before this, but as with most of us outside of Australia, this was my first introduction to the band. Oh, what an introduction it was. Do not be swayed by the rumours this is a tribute band. It has elements of a few other Australian hard rock bands, but this band is no joke. They are the real deal.

Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll – Simple but wonderful guitar chords and pounding drums begin this song off. Over a minute of this and then the pace really goes off. We get to hear Joel’s raunchy, smokey, whiskey chugging voice begin to wail. Picture Jesse James Dupree after chain smoking a carton of Marlboros to get that Brian Johnson smokiness. These boys have me standing up for rock ‘n’ roll.

Runnin’ Wild – More guitar goodness to begin this song, followed by pounding drums. I sense a theme. The perfect song to end a work week with. Ready to head to the beach with a case of beer, and your best friends in tow. Top down in every sense. Suns out, guns out.

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast – Has a beginning that sounds like another Australian rock band. I can’t quite place the name though. Something about electricity. Types of current. Alternating Current/Direct Current. Tesla? No. They’re not Austraslian. Oh well. It is definitely not too much (just enough), too young (ageless r & r), or too fast (great pace).

Diamond In The Rough – This reminds me of a song that could have come out near the end of the glam metal and just before grunge hit. Luckily this song came out in 2007 when the rock world was starting to grow tired of Nickelback and Nu Metal. Many were wanting a band to go back to the simple roots of hard rock and this song is just that. Catchy and hard.

Fat City – Raunchy lyrics about midnight bites at the cherry in Fat City. Somewhere Rosie is grinning ear to ear.

Blackjack – Has a very brief, Still Loving You(Scorpions) guitar beginning but then ramps up quickly to hard driving, beer chugging, betting it all on black, rock and roll anthem.

What’s Eatin’ You – I really enjoy the fellow band members chanting back in this song. More sexual innuendo raunchiness. This ain’t the band you hire for your Sunday Morning Social people.

Girls In Black – “You’re the hot bright neon, in the cold dark night”. I hope they don’t mean the car. The title repeats roughly 100 times in this song. That’s ok. I like girls in black.

Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women – Speaking of things I like. Umm. I mean things I used to like before I said “I do”. I could see this being a hit at the local dive bar. Sometimes the wrong side of the tracks is where the best music comes from.

Heartbreaker – No Robert Plant trying to make love it ain’t no use. No Jimmy Page riffs. No living, loving maids. Just fast paced, droning rhythm that sucks you in like a shop vac. More awesome background vocals and amazing drumming really make this a great song.

Hellfire – Straight ahead hard rock. Do not, I repeat do not listen to this song while driving unless you like a dual ticket for driving excessively fast while letting go of the wheel to air drum like a madman.

A great first, full length album debut from this awesome band. If you do not own a copy I suggest you get out and get yourself one.







24 thoughts on “Album Review: Airbourne-Runnin’ Wild (2007)

  1. e-tainment news reviews says:

    Hell yeah. Great write-up. I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. I didn’t know about the E.P. though, must check it out.
    My fave tracks on this record is Diamond In The Rough and What’s Eatin’ You.
    Airbourne played Sweden Rock in 2008 and we’re still recovering. Hot damn…

    Liked by 2 people

    • As far as the EP I can bet it is very rare. Perhaps not in the right area of Australia, but everywhere else.
      Some people would have graded this lower due to the similarities, but I thought it was near perfect.
      Yes they are a force to be reckoned with live.
      Bring some good hearing protection.


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