Album Review: Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory (2009)

The second album by Airbourne has the band in the same frame of mind as the first. I am suspecting this will be the modus operandi as far as this band is concerned for all of their albums. The difference between this one and the last is not the attitude of the band, but in the production and mixing of the album.

Born To Kill – A decent song to begin the album. I enjoy the song the most at the 2:30 mark when it is mostly drums, background vocals and Joel’s wail.

No Way But The Hard Way – I can envision this band doing everything in life the hard way. Again the background vocals, and the voice changes of Joel between a guttural growl and a banshee scream are the stars here.

Blonde, Bad And Beautiful – The Razors Edge like guitar work begin this song off. a fairly infectious song that can stick in your head.

Raise The Flag – This has almost a Judas Priest guitar feel to it, which is a nice surprise.

Bottom Of The Well – This is really an awesome song. The lyrics tell us this band will do whatever it takes to succeed. No matter how deep down in the shit they are, they will claw their way to the top at all costs.

White Line Fever – Fairly generic song. Not bad. Not great either.

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over – This is not a Lenny Kravitz cover. It’s not in the same vein, and Lenny knows how to spell. A short but unique guitar solo starts this one off, and more decent guitar fill out the rest. The song gets a bit repetitive at times but is still pretty decent.

Steel Town – A perfect anthem for the typical fans of the band. Blue collar anthem in a harder edged offering than The Boss or John Cougar delivered.

Chewin’ The Fat – More sexual innuendo combine with some cool vocals and great guitar work. The drums and bass actually sound a lot better on this song than the rest of the album.

Get Busy Livin’ – The drums sound decent and Joel’s voice sounds great, however, the bass sounds like it is encased in 6 feet of fibreglass pink.

Armed And Dangerous – This sounds a bit like Night Of The Long Knives (a personal fave) so that is always a good thing. Not nearly as awesome as the aforementioned song, this is still a really good song.

Overdrive – A faster paced song with decent drumming and cool guitar. The backing vocals sound cool too. The almost complete lack of bass is the one downfall.

Back On The Bottle – The guitar work sounds a bit too copied, the song is too repetitive and generic. Not the best way to end the album.

I blame Johnny K, the producer for not trimming the fat on this album. At 13 songs it is too long. It should be between 8-10 songs. I think he figured lets throw everything against a wall and see what sticks. Also, he chose to try and over-produce this record. The straight ahead rock style that Bob Marlette chose for the last album suits this band much better. Johnny also tried to mute Joel’s voice. Let him wail like he was born to do. I also blame Mike Fraser for the mixing of this album. This album has some awful sounds to it. All they needed to do was let the players play as hard and fast as they could, and crank it up to eleven. Worked for the last record.

I think the album would have gotten higher marks, but as it is.





20 thoughts on “Album Review: Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory (2009)

    • 9 times out if 10 the Kravitz song. It is one of his best.

      However, there are those times when you want your inner 18 year old out. You know the one. The one that listened to the devil on his shoulder, and basically raised hell. Those times are when the Airbourne song fits.

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  1. e-tainment news reviews says:

    This is a decent album but nowhere near the debut – or the two follow-ups. Matter of fact, I thought they were pretty much done after this album, that they had taken this kind of music as far as they could with their first record. I think they were too much on repeat here and the awesome choruses and brilliant arrangements of the debut were lacking.
    Blonde, Bad And Beautiful is really great and so is Bottom Of The Well and Steel Town.
    And oh, I think Night Of The Long Knives is a killer as well.

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    • The Sophomore Slump strikes again.
      Hard to follow up a killer first album. Just ask Axl.
      I like thise tunes as well.
      Night if the Long Knives may be the most overlooked Acca Dacca song of all time.


  2. No Way But The Hard Way – is possibly my fave hard rock track from the last 6/7 years, or so. It’s my anthem.

    The cover art in the gatefold vinyl is amusingly terrible too, whoever painted that blonde lady probably hasn’t had his hands on a real, live woman for a while/ever – she just isn’t anatomically correct!

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    • You should approach the band about doing a commercial using that song, starring yourself. For Viagra.
      You could be like the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World.
      Artist that want to perfectly duplicate the female body that do not consult you first are bound to fail.

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  3. I like your assessment at the end. You make some good points (even though I’ve yet to hear this record, your video lnks will help, thanks!). I dislike when producers get in the way. Just let the band be.

    Still, they scored a 75% so it can’t be all bad – those are better than my usual grades!


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