CBC Television broadcast of The Secret Path (2016)

Last night at 9pm, the CBC broadcast The Secret Path. The video clips set to the music of Gord’s new album of the same name. I am not a television subscriber so I found out that it was also broadcast live on CBC Arts Youtube channel (link below).

After the video clips and the music are done, the program moves to Northern Ontario. Gord Downie is meeting with Chanie’s sisters. The conversation starts right off with one sister mentioning Gord’s cancer and thanking him for making the trip. Gord mentions his band just did “a show”. (Yeah a show in which 1/3 of Canada tuned in.) Another sister asks “What show was that?” That was a classic response. Gord is a hero to many, but just another guy to these ladies. I found it especially telling that Gord called out our Prime Minister during the concert to help the native people of Canada, but possibly some/many/most indigenous people may not have even known about it. While speaking about what he said during his concert, it appeared to me that the CBC edited out some of what Gord said. Not entirely unexpected, but still kind of a shame.

This was a really touching meeting. Lots of hand holding, hugs. Many laughs and tears. Lots of discussion, and images of the beautiful scenery. One thing that I got out of this was how frail Gord looked. He looks to have aged tremendously. He looked as if he could barely walk through the forest, so I can’t imagine the energy that was drained from him to do the last tour.

The scene moves to Toronto during recording sessions for the album. I read the credits on the album and it was recorded at The Bathouse in Bath, Ontario and mixed at giant Studio in Toronto. This looks as if it is in someone’s living room however. It’s really informal and cool. A neat glimpse into the making of the album.

The final segment was a discussion panel and question period. The discussion was overly long on my opinion. It took away from program as a whole. There were good points made but it was somewhat boring. The question period was much better. I found out a lot of new information, and I will check into this situation more. The program challenged us as Canadians to do like Gord did, and challenge our Government to do something about this injustice. It is incredible that children were abducted by the Government, parents often had no idea where their children went, and that any parent that objected to their children being taken was arrested. I also feel it is hard to believe that in 2016, many indigenous communities do not have safe drinking water, and do not have their own schools. Hopefully after programs such as this air, and the people of Canada are made aware, things can change.

I will take off slight points for the CBC editing of Gord and for the long length of the discussion, but it really was a great show. Possibly the best thing the CBC has ever aired.




12 thoughts on “CBC Television broadcast of The Secret Path (2016)

  1. Thanks for this post Brian – I streamed it Sunday night too. Picked up the record/book combo last week but haven’t fully explored yet.
    And I agree, despite editing concerns, top marks to CBC for showing this & the hip concert in August commercial-free

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