Album Review : Into The Night (soundtrack) – 1985


LP stack white soundtracks – Version 2

Bruce from VINYL CONNECTION created the sweet banner above and has allowed me to tag along on his journey exploring movie soundtracks between November 1-14. I am not as ambitious as some, but will include some soundtracks during this time.

In May of 2015 I was visiting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania so I thought I would hit up one of my favourite spots in the world, Jerry’s Records. I was still reeling (as I am still somewhat today) about the death of B.B. King. He had just died 2 days before this trip and so I listened to him for the entire 5 hour drive down. I wanted to add more B.B. to my collection, but was expecting to find they had all been bought, as so often can happen after the death of a musician. I did find a few of his albums that I did not have and I found this soundtrack listed under his section. I had never heard of the movie, but how could the soundtrack not be good with him on it.

Into The Night – Classic B.B. guitar wails. Steve Watson contributes nicely with his guitar as well. The electronic drums and keyboards sound awfully dated though.

My Lucille – A love song B.B. wrote about his best girls (his guitars).

In The Midnight Hour – B.B.’s take on the classic Wilson Pickett song.

Enter Shaheen – A bit of sweet guitar work that is drown out by awful electronic drums and cheesy keyboards.

Century City Chase – More hokey keyboards. The electronic woodwind sounds decent but not much else.

Don’t Make Me Sorry – Patti La Belle does a great job here, but again the electronics sound very dated. The sax sounds very good but is not credited on the album.

Keep it Light – Thelma Houston classes up the schlocky electronic 80’s beat.

Let’s Get It On – What can be said about this classic. Marvin Gaye had only been gone for a year when this album came out. With a mix of 50’s/R & B/Motown/funk and soul, it may be one of the best songs of all time. It really makes me want to bring out some Marvin Gaye vinyl. The drums, guitar, horns and Marvin’s voice. As close to perfect as a song can get.

I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) – Again, what more can be said about this song. It fought for number 1 on the charts with Mr. Tambourine Man and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction when it came out. Another of the best Motown/r& B songs of all time. The song is catchy, the vocal harmonies are amazing, and even though it is over 50 years old, doesn’t seem dated to me.

The director of the movie, John Landis and Jeff Okun also made a documentary during the making of this film called B.B. King “Into The Night” which is included in DVD copies of the movie. I have never seen either film, but perhaps it is time that I did.

On a side note, David Bowie plays a hitman in the movie and Carl Perkins has a cameo appearance, but unfortunately neither of them contribute musically.

The movie got bad reviews but on the back of the soundtrack, John Landis was quoted as saying “I presented Ira Newborn (music composer) with this problem; compose a motion picture score to feature a particular player and not compromise his unique talents or the intensity of the movie. The film is Into The Night, the player, B.B. King. Ira and B.B. have delivered handsomely. This soundtrack album contains two pieces of the score featuring B.B.`s guitar, three songs from B.B., new songs from Patti Labelle and Thelma Houston, and two classics from Marvin Gaye and the Four Tops. No Matter what you think of my movie, You`ll have to admit it sounds great.”

I will have to take off a point for having David Bowie in the movie and not on the soundtrack. Also a point for the cheesy 80`s sound. I still think it is a good soundtrack to have, but it could have been great.




10 thoughts on “Album Review : Into The Night (soundtrack) – 1985

  1. Having Bowie in the film but not soundtrack? That’s an automatic deduction for sure!
    Eventually I’d love to see a Penguins game in Pittsburgh, Jerry’s Records has now been added to that trip’s itinerary

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