Album Review : The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II The Metal Years (Soundtrack) -1988

LP stack white soundtracks – Version 2

This film brought metal music to the big screen like none before. Most interviewed were either in a band, fans or groupies. Many were chasing after the dream of becoming famous. Some had already achieved fame, but many were struggling Sunset Strip artists that had to plaster their posters every night to try and make fans. The movie included a “dance contest”, live band footage, but mostly documentary style interviews. Many of the band members being filmed regret what they said. They were often enticed to drink before going on camera, and they often made fools of themselves.

The soundtrack features some established bands and some up-and-comers. For some, being included here may have been the peak of their career.

Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper w/Axl, Slash and Izzy) – Similar to the original, but the inclusion of the Gunners members adds a cool touch. They were in peak form here as they had just released Appetite For Destruction and the infighting had yet to rear its ugly head.

The Bathroom Wall (Faster Pussycat) – This is a live recording that really doesn’t sound like it. The band sounds tight and lead singer Taime Downe’s voice is in peak form. Only at the end when we hear the audience cheering do we realize it’s live. The live recording was shown in the film.

Cradle To The Grave (Motorhead) – A b side song to the Eat The Rich single. This song is definitely not a b side. Lemmy’s voice is awesome, and the guitar work is stupendous.

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide (Armored Saint) – A perfect example of the work of the amazing guitarist Dave Prichard before his death.

Born To Be Wild (Faster Pussycat) – Another live song from the film, it was recorded on Halloween 1987. A good version of the Steppenwolf classic with heavier guitars. Mostly done in the same vein as the original.

My Darkest Hour (Megadeth) – From arguably the best era of Megadeth. This song is also included on their classic album So Far, So Good…So What?

The Prophecy (Queensryche) – This song sees the band in peak form. Geoff Tate’s voice is a wonderful instrument here. It was also included on the re-issue of the Queensryche EP.

The Brave (Metal Church) – This American band had a sound similar to Judas Priest, and in their early days rejected Lars Ulrich as a drummer.

Foaming At The Mouth (Rigor Mortis) – This band is classified as a Speed/Thrash metal band, but I hear elements of punk as well. The song was also included on their debut album.

Colleen (Seduce) – This song has a driving beat. I wonder if Weezer was listening to this when they recorded Beverly Hills.

The only complaint I have about this album is not including a lot of the bands that were interviewed. A double album would have been nice, but as it stands there are no duds on this album. They represent the late 80’s metal music scene perfectly.


17 thoughts on “Album Review : The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II The Metal Years (Soundtrack) -1988

    • Mine is on vinyl as well. I looked on discogs and this was never re-released. That is shocking. I bet a cd/dvd, cd/bluray would do well. Also a double vinyl. Extras included. I’m sure someone has tons more footage, tunes, live stuff etc.

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      • Chris Holmes. WOW!! Dude, show some respect for your mom, if not for yourself. I don’t give a shit how big of a rock star you are. I would never do that in front of my mom.

        P.S. How does your vinyl sound. It is one of my records that seems to be recorded quieter. I had to turn the volume louder ( I probably would have any way)


      • Hey Bop, there was a DVD reissue recently. It’s a Decline box set with all three movies and tons of extras. Well worth getting. I like this film but anyways preferred the first Decline, seems like they just tried too hard to make the bands in the second one look stupid. Aerosmith are the stars of this I reckon, they came across really well.

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    • You should see this. Quite funny, but you will feel bad for the 22 year old drunk rock star wannabes that embarrass themselves. They probably thought this was a college kids documentary that would be viewed by 10 people.

      I need to see parts 1 (about punks), and 2 (about street kids).

      Thanks for adding it.

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  1. Great choice. First side wonderful, second side tapers off a bit in my view. My fave thing was all the snippets they put in of dialog from the film – they were always great for putting between tracks on mix tapes.

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