Top 10 Musicians that wear glasses

Mike from knows I wear glasses so he asked me to tag along and post about musicians who wear glasses. I thought I’d do a Top 10. My stipulations are actual glasses, not sunglasses. Also, I wanted musicians that seem to wear them all the time, on stage and in the streets.

10  Gary Peterson – This drummer may be one of the lesser known members of The Guess Who, but he has been the longest serving member. He was also a touring member of BTO.

9  Steven Page – The former founding member of Barenaked Ladies got into legal trouble and was forced out of the band, but has continued on as a solo artist.

8  Chris Murphy – The long standing member of Canadian rock band Sloan and side projects Tuns and Trans Canada Highwaymen. Chris has always seemed cool to me, and makes it ok to wear glasses for the rest of my life. The below video has a cool spot in which the girl watching puts her glasses on when she sees Chris wearing his.

7 “Weird Al” Yankovic – He doesn’t wear glasses as much anymore, but I remember him most during his hilarious heyday in the 80’s.

6  Les Claypool – Giving the bassist some love is always nice. Especially when he may be the greatest bassist to ever live. He’s usually in the mix for top 10 bassists of all time, so why not here.

5  Rivers Cuomo – I mean the guy wrote the lines ‘oo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly”, so he had to be here. I once had a girl say I looked like him, so there’s that too.

4  John Lennon – He was often without glasses while in The Beatles, but made round glasses cool again during his solo career.

3  Jerry Garcia – Most famous for his beard, Jerry also was known for wearing glasses.

2  Elvis Costello – The second most famous Elvis ever is an amazing musician, and possibly it was the glasses that caused Diana Krall to fall in love with him.

1  Buddy Holly – The first guy that I can think of in music that made wearing glasses be cool. I look back on old pictures of my dad in the early 60’s and he “looks just like Buddy Holly”. He wasn’t alone though. Even years after his death, millions of young men back in the day wanted to be cool and wear the Buddy Holly shades.

37 thoughts on “Top 10 Musicians that wear glasses

  1. While writing a post on the “Day the Music Died” a while back, I did a bit of Buddy Holly research. Apparently those glasses were not in style back then, in fact, I believe the article I read said that they were ordered from Mexico especially for him because he had super poor vision (20/800) and needed heavy frames to hold up such heavy lenses.

    Interesting post!

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      • I do wear glasses, but only for distance (driving, golfing, etc). I always take them off for everything else, and set them down, so one of the favourite games in our house is “where are Daddy’s glasses?”

        Never worn contacts. If anyone thinks I’d willingly stick my fingers in my eyes for any damn reason at all, they are sorely mistaken.


  2. J. says:

    I had commented over at Mike’s place earlier than Buddy Holly was the first name I thought of. After that it’s Ray Manzarek.

    Elvis Costello is one of those ‘of course!’ moments. Splendid!

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