(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Deluxe Edition Boxset- Album # 1, New Recordings ’98)

2016-11-15-10-06-42As you probably already know, Metallica is set to release their new album, Hardwired…To Self Destruct this Friday. I wanted to review some Metallica before this but didn’t know which albums to review. I had mentioned to a few other bloggers that I had the rare Garage Inc. 6LP boxset, and it was still sealed. I thought this was awesome since it was rare and worth so much. They thought I was crazy. Music is meant to be listened to. So I took their advice and cracked the seal on this baby.


The first thing I did when I cracked the seal was check the vinyl. HOLY CRAP. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the even more rare, limited white vinyl version. Only 500 of these bad boys were made, and I am super stoked to have it. I’m just as excited to give these a listen.

Over the next six days I will be reviewing one of these 6 albums per day. I have my order for the new album, which is supposed to be here in 3 days, but who knows how long Amazon will take to get me mine. So without further ado, album # 1, New Recordings ’98.

Free Speech For The Dumb – A very basic song from the band Discharge off the album Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing(1982). It basically repeats the album title with James throwing in an F Bomb for good luck. The original punk song is much better in my opinion with better guitar, and sloppy, angry sound. Metallica sound a bit like they are playing by numbers on this one.

It’s Electric – A much better second song. Like night and day difference between this one and the opener. A really good cover of the Diamond Head original. It is at least as good in my opinion. It also kills me to say this, but Lars’ drumming sounds better, and James’ voice almost seems to suit this song better.

Sabbra Cadabra – Ok. Doing a Black Sabbath song is risky business indeed. You have to know your shit, and have really big cojones. No one can do Sabbath like Sabbath. NO ONE. Heaven and Hell were the closest, but they were Sabbath by any other name. This is a really decent attempt though. James’ vocals had a bit of an autotune sound, and does not nail it quite as well as Ozzy. The song gets much better as it goes along, and the volume level and intensity increases. Adding in a portion of A National Acrobat is a nice touch. The more Sabbath the better. I would say an A for effort. Another really good song.

I had my Wheaties this morning so I wash my hands, take all 180g of wonderful white vinyl and give it a very careful, and slow flip.

Turn The Page – We have all heard both versions of this song a thousand times. Bob Seger’s song is a wonderfully written song about the life of a rock star. I am sure the lyrics spoke to Metallica. I can imagine they also got a ton of grief walking into restaurant, especially in their early days. ‘Them there long hairs ain’t welcome around these parts.’ The song is a harder version played here, but the quiet parts with just the cymbals, bass and James’ toned down voice are my favourite parts. Then the guitar wails and off we go. Again, another just as good as the original song here. I just love when a metal band takes a classic rock or pop song and metalizes it. This song got Metallicized.

Die, Die My Darling – I love Glenn Danzig and The Misfits. However for this song, I think I actually prefer James’ voice for the song. Also the original has kind of an annoying tone to the guitar. It almost sounds like an alarm clock buzzer going off every second or so through the whole song. Once you hear it, you can not un hear it. Thankfully the Metallica version does not have this. So for these reasons, I would say I like the Metallica version at least as much, possibly even more. The only thing I’m curious about is why James doesn’t want us to fry tomatoes, baby.

Loverman – The Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song is near perfect. An amazingly creepy song, with haunting, almost disturbing vocals. Like the Sabbath song, I give an A for effort though. Not as creepy, but heavier, so there’s that.

To me the two things that are a little bit of a downfall are the first track and the quieter recording of this album. Don’t worry, I just had to crank it a little louder. Not a big deal.








25 thoughts on “(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Deluxe Edition Boxset- Album # 1, New Recordings ’98)

    • I am a happy man.

      The 45 rpm 12″ discs take a bit of getting used to. Not for the sound, but playing them. I started the turntable on 33 1/3 and caught myself before I dropped the needle.
      I was thinking of doing an upcoming post on albums recorded on 45. Many 12″ singles are, but not many abums.
      I have some but not near as many.
      As for the sound, it does sound great except for the lower recorded level (another post thought). From what I read, records are cut at 45rpm on modern records to optimize the sound.

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  1. J. says:

    What!? You had records you hadn’t opened!? Madness! Glad you rectified this and gave them a spin. I reckon this is one for fans, eh? I had the Garage, Inc CD and moved it along fairly swiftly.

    As for the ol’ 45 business, I have a few albums that play at 45 and they sound great. But sometimes I think I could do without having to flip so often (sometimes after just two songs!)

    But yeah, the answer to your question is To Open.

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  2. Holy crap, Bop, YOU BROKE THE SEAL!! And you found out it was the rare edition! GAH! You coulda put your kid through college on that one!*

    Still, those are some monster tracks, I love that set. Your 6LP version is really a stunner, though. Hot damn.

    * someday, ask James about his birthday present this year. It’s a story too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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