(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Limited Edition Boxset – Album # 2, New Recordings ’98)


This is the second part to the New Recordings ’98. Just three songs on this entire album. A quick hit of Metallica and you can face the rest of the day. Before I get into reviewing the album, I will report that the volume level is much more intensified on this album than the one I just posted about. Loud is good when it’s Metallica. Let’s do this.

Mercyful Fate – A medley of the Mercyful Fate songs Satans Fall, Curse Of The Pharoahs, A Corpse Without Soul, Into The Coven and Evil. I am a King Diamond fan, so. It is 11:11 minutes long and takes up the entire first half of this album. One thing that stands out is that James is no screamer like King Diamond. He doesn’t even try. Lars would have had to kick him in the nuts for him to even get close. This medley reminds me I need to get more Mercyful Fate albums in my collection. If you don’t know much about their music, it is similar to NHOBHM, and maybe closest to late 70’s – early 80’s Judas Priest. Another case of nice try boys. Very good guitar, bass and even drums. The vocals are great too, just missing the screams from the originals. That may be the only thing lacking here. Good on them for showcasing a lesser known (at least from what I can recall) metal band.

Astronomy – As I mentioned, I love when a metal band takes a classic rock song and metalizes it. If I didn’t know this was Metallica, I never would have guessed. The guitar work and James’ voice sound unique at the start of the song. I have never heard a Metallica song sound like this before. Then the guitar gets louder and the growling starts. Ok. Now this is Metallica. This song is really pretty damn good. I love the original Blue Oyster Cult version, but this one may be even better. (As a side note, I just found out the producer of this BOC song, Sandy Pearlman, died earlier this year. RIP)

Whiskey In The Jar – Another song we’ve all heard a million times. I remember my buddy’s dad played guitar. We saw him downtown playing at a little bar and he was playing this song. We both looked at each other. He said “How does my dad know Metallica?” I told him I knew it as a Thin Lizzy song. However, it is actually a traditional Irish song, and my buddies dad is Irish, so there you go. I prefer the Thin Lizzy song myself, but Metallica do a great version too.








12 thoughts on “(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Limited Edition Boxset – Album # 2, New Recordings ’98)

  1. That is a beautiful set! But it’s gotta be cumbersome, all that switching of records to hear (sometimes) one song at a time!

    Still, good time to be going through the old stuff, with the new stuff dropping in a couple of days!

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