(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Deluxe Edition Boxset – Album # 5, B Sides & One Offs ’88-’91)

These songs were hard to come by before Garage Inc. As the titles says, they were b sides and one-offs. They were never on an official album or EP. Breadfan and The Prince were from the Harvester Of Sorrow single. Stone Cold Crazy was on Elektra’s 40th Anniversary album, and was later on the Enter Sandman single. So What and Killing Time are from the Sad But True and The Unforgiven singles.

Breadfan – Another Budgie song. I love Budgie. I love Budgie so much I want to wrap it up in tape and stick it up my…. “Who are you? Richard Gere? Get off my computer.” Sorry about that. Ok. Budgie the band, is (was) awesome. This may be, depending on who you ask, their best song ever. I would say it would be in the top 10 of any Budgie fan you ask. It is an amazing song. If you have not heard it, do yourself a favour, go find this and other Budgie songs. You can thank me later. As for the Metallica version, the drumming and bass was pretty true to the original. James’ voice is awesome here, but is a much deeper, growly tone than Burke Shelley’s. It seems to work here. This may be another one of the best Metallica covers of all time. Kirk’s guitar is more thrash and squealy, but it works pretty good here as well. When the song gets to the quieter point in the middle of the song, I do get a definite Black Album guitar and bass sound. That is not a bad thing however. Great cover. Other than the stupid ending with the line ” Mommy, where’s Fluffy?” WTF was that about? Apparently it was supposed to be at the start of the next song, The Prince. Either way, it’s kind of creepy and not needed.

The Prince – The fourth Diamond head song to make an appearance on this boxset. This one has amazing guitar work and drumming. The guitar work is a throwback to the early Metallica days and is a nice addition. At times, Jason’s bass is really cranked up here. I’m glad the band is letting him show what he can do. James’ voice is energetic, growly and mean. it suits this song perfect.

Stone Cold Crazy – We have all heard the original and this cover a ton. The original is near perfect. How can you improve on any Queen song. This is one of a handful of Queen songs that have a harder, almost metal edge to them. I’m sure this appealed to Metallica. They make it even harder, and more metal. They Metallicize it. I love both songs equally. Another amazing cover.

So What – Anti-Nowhere League is an British hardcore punk band. I am sure when this single, and even more so when Garage Inc. came out, that many fans started searching to find out who this band is. I had never heard of them before. They may have been bigger in Europe, but I don’t think many people in North America knew about them. The song lyrics were bad enough to have police seize all copies citing the Obscene Publications Act. Metallica play this song the way a punk song should be played. Angry, brash, fast and frantic. This is an awesome cover.

Killing Time – The original by Sweet savage was a early NWOBHM song that was actually a b side to begin with. The amazing guitar work of a pre-Dio Vivian Campbell helped make this a great song. The Metallica version song is unique because I don’t know many, if any other Metallica songs that had Jason Newsted on background vocals. James’ voice suits this song, and the guitar work is really good.



19 thoughts on “(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Deluxe Edition Boxset – Album # 5, B Sides & One Offs ’88-’91)

      • Oh man, can you imagine? He’d start chewing gum with his mouth wide open and saying the stupidest things…

        I hope he immediately went to the on-site infirmary and got a booster shot.


  1. All this Budgie love, are you secretly Welsh?

    Plus the Anti Nowhere League were ace, filthy, horrible, brash street punk – their debut ‘We Are The League’ was a classic if you like that sort of thing – the pressing plant refused to press it because of the horrible lyrical content.

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