(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Deluxe Edition Boxset – Album # 6, Motorheadache ’95)

Ok. Last record in the set. I popped the record on the turntable and noticed it has a pretty bad warp. Brand new record. 180g special edition. All the other records were flat. That is weird. I drop the needle and it sounds fine though thankfully.

The four songs on this album were originally released on the Hero Of The Day single. There were 2 versions released of the single. One had the first 2 songs here, and the second had the last 2 songs. These songs were recorded live to a two track at Plant Studios during rehearsals for Lemmy’s  50th Birthday Party. The songs sound pretty damn good in my opinion if they were demos recorded live to two track. No separate recording os drums, guitars, vocals etc. like an a studio album. They got the band in the studio, let them play, and push record.

Overkill – I know the drumming is going to be a challenge on this one for Lars. Unbelievably he does a pretty damn good job here. James alters his voice to sound more like Lemmy. Robert is allowed to shine with the bass a bit here, and Kirk absolutely rips on guitar.

Damage Case – The guitar almost has a fuzzy sound to it. I like it. James’ voice is less Lemmy here, and more Metalligrowl. Lars does another nice job on the drumming, and Robert gets to feature his bass more so than on later albums. He also has a brief bass solo. It may be the only one I can remember him doing in a Metallica song. Kirk does an amazing job. The tone is less fuzzy during his solo, and more thrash meets NWOBHM. Another really good song here.

Stone Dead Forever – Robert gets to shine yet again. His bass is on fire in this song. Lars is doing a great job here. I am suspecting Lemmy promised to kick his ass if he didn’t (Part of me wishes that Lars had done a shit job). The guitar has a little fuzz that I love. The bass and guitar tones are unique on this song. I don’t think I have ever heard them before on any Metallica songs. I would love to know the gear they used to record these 4 songs. I am guessing they were exclusive to these songs.

Too Late Too Late – Great guitar work begin this song off. It has an early 70’s feel to it. Lars does another pretty decent job here. The song has a good energy and all of the members honour Lemmy with great performances.

For fans of fuzzy guitars, 70’s riffs, Motorhead, Metallica and Lemmy.



17 thoughts on “(Metallica Week) 6 Part Album Review: Metallica – Garage Inc. (2011 Remastered 6 LP, 45 RPM Deluxe Edition Boxset – Album # 6, Motorheadache ’95)

  1. Great set of reviews Sir Bop! It’s huge to tackle these kind of reviews! Last year I reviewed Rush R4O which was about 37 or songs which I broke up into 3 reviews over 5 days…
    That almost put me in the Looney Bin…hahaha…Thats why I condense things down now. But I do enjoy reading others spins on things….
    Once again Great Stuff

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What an emotional rollercoaster opening this set – the one the other day that confirmed its rare status = jubilation, today’s warp finding = utter discouragement, finding it still played = sweet relief!
    I’d call myself a fan of all of the above in that closing statement, and a fan of this series too

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  3. J. says:

    Really enjoyed this series… though I almost said “fuck” out loud when I read that the record was warped (I may have… but no looks from fellow commuters… phew!) Glad it plays fine, though. That really would have been a kick in the balls.

    Liked by 1 person

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