(Metallica Week) 4 Part Album Review: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (2016 Deluxe Boxset Edition, Album #2)

I grab the wonderful slab of transluscent yellow vinyl, pop on the headphones and I’m off.

Confusion – The start sounds a wee bit like Whiskey In The Jar, but then goes off on a sort of Megadeth meets Pantera trip. Kirk and his guitar are the stars for me, but Lars holds his own pretty well.

Dream No More- This has an almost Sad But True vibe to it. At times this song is almost chugging along. It seems a bit like a cassette player that is playing a bit slow. Desert rock fans will probably like this song since they enjoy their music low and slow. This song is in a different track order than the cd.

ManUNkind – Nice quiet, mellow song here. Bring this to grandma’s house for tea. She’ll love it until….”what is that bull doing crashing through the front window?” No that is just Kirk cranking the amps to 11 and scaring the shit out of grandma. As I said before I love when songs start mellow and then blast your eardrums.

Take the record and flip it. It’s not to late. To flip it. Flip it good.

Here Comes Revenge – Again Kirk and Lars are the heroes of the day here. The drummer has a similar tone to Enter Sandman. The guitar solo is pretty cool, and once again James proves he is more than a vocalist with his guitar work.

Murder One – This song sounds like a total throw back to an 80’s Metallica song. I can envision the boys back when they all had long hair head banging in unison while playing this one. This song is a tribute to Lemmy Kilmister. The title was the nickname for Lemmy’s amp, the lyrics include Motorhead songs, and.the video below is a Lemmy tribute as well.

Spit Out The Bone – This as pretty damn fast speed metal. For a bunch of old dudes this is pretty awesome. This may be Lars’ best drumming performance ever. Say what you will about this guy, he does a damn fine job here. I’m sure a ton of drummers half his age couldn’t pull this one off. The guitar work is ace as well. Some very non Metallica riffs here. I love when they experiment and it works. This one works very well. Then it slows down to a human pace for a bit and goes back up into hyperspace. A really, really great song.




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