Album Review: Talas -Live (High) Speed On Ice (1984)

Mike from was reviewing this album so I thought I would tag along. Please go over to his site and check his review as well.

Talas was a short lived Buffalo New York band that got pretty big in the Northeastern USA, and into Canada. They had been slugging it out for years touring in and around the Buffalo bar circuit and they released 2 albums between 1979 and 1982. This album was recorded on December 2, 1983 at the L’Amour East in New York City. Of note for this live album is the fact that Billy Sheehan had given the original drummer and guitarist the boot before this recording because he wanted the band to gain a wider audience, but this was to be the last album from the band. I think that the stadium rock style of the band was declining in popularity, and glam rock was taking over. Perhaps for Talas it was a case of bad timing.

Sink Your Teeth Into That – This song has elements of Kiss and Triumph but better bass playing than those bands. We can tell this is a live song since there are technical miscues with the instruments at times. Perhaps since this was basically a brand new band. The bass playing is a real standout, but the guitar work is pretty damn good too. The lyrics are a little repetitive for me, but a decent song to start us off.

Crystal Clear – This has a bit of very early Def Leppard and the bass playing has some Geddy Lee like tendencies. Besides the bass, the guitar is pretty sweet here too.

The Farandole – If I didn’t know this was Talas I would suspect it was Trans Siberian Orchestra. I’m suspecting TSO listened to this song and said “That’s how we want to sound.” At times I also get a little Iron Maiden vibe. Not a bad combination at all.

Do You Feel Any Better – This song has really good musicianship, but the vocals don’t really do it for me. I’m not sure why. Just not quite there. Both the lead and background vocals don’t cut it on this one.

Lone Rock – This song brings us right back up. It has a really cool beat. Wait a minute though. When Phil screams LONE ROCK it drops back down. Phil is an amazing vocalist(he is now in the Led Zeppelin cover band Ozone Baby), but the scream doesn’t cut it.

King Of The World – This song reminds me of a Spinal Tap song. This isn’t really a bad thing, as it seems to work here.

Inner Mounting Flame – A faster paced song that almost has a Dio or Sabbath quality to it. The guitar work here is unique. This may be both the heaviest, and best song on the album in my books.

7718(3AI7) – This sounds almost like a DLR era Van Halen instrumental track. It is as if Eruption is mashed up with Cathredral and Intruder. It’s pretty cool, but back in 1983, I might have been looking for the beer tent about half way though.

High Speed On Ice – Right up there fighting for the best song on the album. Great pace, amazing musicianship and the vocals sound better than most. The background vocals are a touch grating, but the rest of the song makes up for it.

Shy Boy – Another fast paced rocker. I could have done without the little drum solo at the start, but it was from 1983, so it was still cool. The song is a really great tune. It’s no wonder DLR let Billy Sheehan bring it along for another go.

I would suggest this live album to anyone. it stands the test of time, and seems to have influenced other bands.








18 thoughts on “Album Review: Talas -Live (High) Speed On Ice (1984)

  1. I somehow missed this post. BAD WORDPRESS.

    Yeah you got it on the DLR/VH vibe with the solo spot. Never thought of Trans-Siberian on Farandole before! Good point though. And yeah I hear the DL on Crystal Clear too. A few years ahead of its time maybe — it could have been on Hysteria.

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    • I have never done so many comparisons to other bands on an album review. Looking back it was a bit much, but oh well.

      They may have coppied some bands a bit, but they influenced others so it all evens out.


  2. Michael Fab says:

    Yeah, it’s easy to listen only once to an album 35 years old and make shallow comments. I owned both Talas albums back in 1983 & 84. After hundreds of listens and seeing them live in ’84 can say they were original rock. I do not agree there are elements of Kiss or Triumph, or comparing to Def Leppard or Spinal Tap (?!). Talas were their own unique American rock, with both guitar and bass lead instruments, you can’t compare to any other band. This live album had new material not on the studio album, so it’s hard to critique them on one listen, without a studio album to contrast. “Do You Feel Any Better” was one of those new songs. So having only heard it live, can definitely affirm it was a tight rock tune. In fact, lead and harmony vocals are strong, so I’m not sure what this guy is talking about.

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    • Thanks for adding your 2 cents in. You’re a few years late but welcome.

      I just wonder how you figured I only listened to the album once. I grew up during that era and have listened to the album a bunch. Also, can you elaborate on the “shallow” comment. Exactly when was I being shallow?

      Yes Talas was an original band. But they, like every band out there have influences.
      These influences jump out at me on this album. I agree that I went overboard with the band comparisons on this review, but once I hit send it was out there. But to say that since it has both guitar and bass lead instruments that it can not be compared to any other band doesn’t compute. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of bands like that.

      Sorry that we do not agree on the vocals of one song. We are both entitled to our opinion.

      As you can see I gave the album 8.75/10. That’s pretty high in my opinion.
      Also, we as bloggers sometimes generate interest for a 35 year old album. That’s what happened here.

      Again welcome Billy. (Sorry typo.) I meant Michael. No need to critique me on my grammar. No one wants or needs that.

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