Ontario Bands Week: Album Review- The Pursuit Of Happiness(TPOH)- I’m An Adult Now 12″single (1986)

This week myself and fellow Ontario, Canada bloggers Mike Ladano, Aaron, Deke and Geoff are collaborating on Ontario bands. Please check out their blogs and check out the bands.


In the above interview Moe mentions the drums on the early version. They jump out at me every time I hear them. They sound a bit like We Got The Beat by The Go Go’s, only cool, you know.

This 12″ single was the first recording ever released by TPOH. It was done on a shoe string budget, self-produced by the band. Moe Berg had been working on these songs for years, and after hooking up in Toronto with Dave Gilby, Johnny Sinclair, and sisters Tam And Tasha Amabile, he asked them all if they would like to be in his band, The Pursuit Of Happiness.

The 1980’s were wonderful times for a teenage music fan such as myself. I was a metalhead and punk fan, but sometimes other music crept in. I spent my evenings listening to music, and like most teens I loved watching videos. Bands sunk tons of money into videos back then. It wasn’t like it is today. The videos were shot with video recorders and tape had to be spliced. CGI was not common and action was real footage. What could be done by an amateur on a home computer today cost thousands of dollars and weeks of effort by pros back then. What was a fledgling young band from Toronto with no money to do. They went out onto the streets of Toronto along with a buddy with a video camera and let it roll, low budget like.

I’m An Adult Now – This early, first version of the song is similar in that it is a low budget, self produced effort. This version is unlike the one found on the amazing album, Love Junk, and is even more raw than the above video. Once Todd Rundgren got his hands on Love Junk (I am sure there is a joke there somewhere), he polished it up. I can almost picture Todd Rundgren meeting the band in the studio, listening to the early version with them and saying that it was good, but getting them to do the song over and over until they did it his way. This single version sounds raw, and unpolished. As if they practiced it a few times and pushed record. I love it though. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Love Junk version too. I am just glad that I have both versions. Plus this is the first version I ever heard, quite some time before the album emerged, so I have a soft spot for it.

She’s So Young – The b side song was just as strong as the a. This song was so perfect that Todd just left it as is on the album. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It was these singles that got the band signed to a big record label, and roped Todd Rundgren in to be the producer for their first albums. That speaks to the likeability of the songs. Although this 12″has only 2 songs(there are other 12″ versions with 4 songs), it will be well worth the few dollars you will pay.


25 thoughts on “Ontario Bands Week: Album Review- The Pursuit Of Happiness(TPOH)- I’m An Adult Now 12″single (1986)

    • On the original version found here, Moe uses a twangy Rickenbacker, and on the studio album version he uses a Fender Telecaster. Also the original has a faster pace, and the tone is higher.
      I enjoy the raw emotion in the original. Moe admits in the interview he was trying to play his guitar “as weird as possible” and it was a “mutated 12 bar”. He admits he isn’t the best guitarist. I feel that it is raw and rough around the edges, but somehow seems to work.

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    • There were different versions of the 2 ladies as the years went on, but they all sounded cool. They progressed from backup singers to rhythm guitar.

      As for Todd, the record execs asked Moe who would be on his dream list of producers and he said Todd.
      Todd heard their demos and liked them.
      Moe was pretty floored to get a phone call from Todd Rundgren. I can only imagine.

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    • I am kind of glad I’m not a cheese eating high school boy.

      Speaking of which, there was a lot of discussion in the youtube comments about exactly what cheese eating meant.

      I just thought it was someone who ate cheese. Who knew?

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