Dear Grammy’s. Go F*ck Yourself

I have never really been a fan of awards shows. In my opinion they are rigged and really boring. Often the best movies, music, television gets ignored. Don’t even get me started on the Popular Music (I mean Rock and Roll) Hall of Fame. As a fan of heavy metal music I am appalled at the way metal artists are treated. The awards given out to metal artists is not even televised so we can see more footage of Beyoncé or Justin Bieber.

Last night 2 of the biggest names in heavy metal for over 30 years were insulted in what I consider a slap in the face. First the good. Megadeth finally won an award in the metal category. They deserved it. I loved Dystopia, and reviewed it last year. Dave Mustaine has been slugging out for over 35 years since being kicked out of Metallica. His band has put out some pretty awesome albums, but his songs are never on the radio, and he never gets any accolades. Finally the Grammys changed that and Megadeth won Metal Album Of The Year. While Dave and company were walking to the podium(it took a while since they were stuffed in the very back) the house band felt they should play Metallica. Wait. What? As I mentioned Dave was unceremoniously kicked out of Metallica. I believe this was a backward slap in the face. It may come out as a slip up, but someone had to know that the house band should either play a Megadeth song (there are hundreds to choose from), or even any metal song by any metal band other than Metallica. Perhaps this was an oversight, because it’s not like the people at the Grammys actually care about metal bands or their history, but it is still a slap in the face.

Speaking of Metallica, they were insulted twice last night. When performing onstage they were not announced. The actress at the podium announced the band as Jethro Tull. No that was another Grammy miscue. She only mentioned Lady Gaga. Never mind the other band she is performing with. Metallica? Nope, never heard of them. Hundreds of millions of records sold. Nope.

During the performance mysteriously James Hetfield’s microphone didn’t work. No other mics had issues all evening. Hmm. I wonder if the producers wanted to hear more Gaga. She was the only one announced on stage.

Can you imagine the shitstorm that would rain down on The Grammys if Beyoncé and Adele were snubbed. OMG. But since it is just metal bands no one seems to care. Well this guy does.

As I mentioned, I feel these things are rigged. Don’t get me wrong, I love David Bowie. I have my whole life. I cried the day he died. I bought his latest album Blackstar and reviewed it last year. What I do not like are The Grammys finally jumping on the Bowie bandwagon and handing out award after award to him. Sorry, guys it’s too little too late for me. I would bet every nickel I own that if David Bowie had not died, awards people would have ignored this album the way they have ignored all of his albums. Sorry Grammys, I can see right through you.

After this shamble of an award show I, and hopefully many of you can safely say:

“Dear Grammys. Go F*ck Yourself!!!!!!!”



22 thoughts on “Dear Grammy’s. Go F*ck Yourself

  1. Surely, that’s the whole point of shows like the Grammys, so that we can still feel a bit under appreciated and underground? it’s what I used to thrive on, at least when I was a dumb teen. The Grammys are essentially squaresville.

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    • I get the whole genre is underappreciated, and that is ok.

      But I feel there were blatant cases of disrespect.

      I personally feel the Metallica music for Megadeth and James’ microphone were done on purpose.

      Perhaps those bands had said something in the press before of how the Grammys sucked, and the Grammy people were getting back at them. Who knows?

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  2. I have to admit, I find the Grammys and other awards shows hilarious. I don’t watch them anymore but the stories the following day are always crazy. Megadeth to a Metallica song? No mic for James? Only at the Grammys. They are still kissing Metallica’s asses 30 years later for that Tull slight.

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