Top 10 J. Geils (RIP) songs

I woke this morning to the sad news that J. Geils had passed away in his home of natural causes. The guitarist in the band with his namesake was always amazing but underrated. His early work was very bluesy, his 80’s work was more radio friendly with a bit of new wave thrown in, and he even dabbled in jazz. I really need to review some of the many J. Geils Band albums I own, but for today I will do a J. Geils Top 10.

10 Centrefold – This was the song that introduced me to the band. It was the first single off of their massive album Freeze Frame. It is a little too early 80’s sounding for me, but it is catchy as hell.

9 Freeze Frame – Keyboards, drums and horns dominate this one. J does get a chance to add a few catchy riffs though. I had to include it since this song is also catchy as hell.

8 Wasted Youth – Front man Peter Wolf left the band in 1983. The band was unfortunately moving away from their roots and going New Wave. They released one final album, You’re Gettin’ Even While I’m Gettin’ Old. The standout for me was Wasted Youth because it centres around J’s guitar work. Never mind the electronic drum beats and the very 80’s sounding keys. Just focus on J and all will be ok.

7 Come Back – Never mind the disco theme and the dated keys just focus on J’s guitar. It has a harder edge than the rest of the song, and I like it.

6 One Last Kiss – J gives us some tasty licks to compete with the disco keys. Give me tasty guitar licks every time.

5 Must Of Got Lost – J has some stiff competition here with the funky bass, great keys, and amazing vocal work. However, through all that he gets to shine.

4 Love Stinks – Many of you will remember Adam Sandler singing this in The Wedding Singer. I however remember the simple but effective guitar work by J, especially about 3 minutes in.

3 First I Look In The Purse (Live) – The live setting was where J could really shine.

2 (Ain’t Nothing But A) House Party – Any song that starts off with a wicked guitar that continues on through the entire song is awesome in my books.  Fans of Nazareth and Steppenwolf will love this song.

1 Give It To Me – J leads a guitar clinic in the extended, non-single version of this song. It’s pure 70’s guitar nirvana.

RIP J. We’ll miss you brother.

There are tons of other J Geils tracks I could have used. Let me know in the comments if I missed any you like.

P.S. 2017. You are starting to get on my nerves.

17 thoughts on “Top 10 J. Geils (RIP) songs

  1. Zack says:

    Thanks for this. I’m not familiar with much beyond the big hits, but since I love those tunes I’m going to listen to these and see if anything else is as good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting that you and I managed to list completely different songs. I came thisclose to using “First I Look at the Purse,” only ditching it because I wanted a video of them playing and could only find “Homework.” Glad you got the great “House Party.” I liked but didn’t love “Give it to Me” but I might have been in the minority on that one. I agree that Jay was underrated as a player. Gone too soon.

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    • I think Give It To Me was an acquired taste.
      Kind if a reggae start. I liked it though and the guitar work really resonated with me.
      It kindof showed the diversity of the band.
      Another blogger this week mentioned how J. loved jazz music as well.
      He was a man of many talents.
      I think it’s cool how we both found different songs. I could have easily slid yours list in place of a few, especially the 80’s numbers.


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