Gord Downie Un-Hip Top 10

It was 1 year ago today that I, and the rest of Canada found out about Gord Downie’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis. We have all had a year to let it sink in. The band did their last Cross Canada goodbye tour. Gord released a solo record and raised the awareness level of the plight of Native Canadians. Perhaps even though Gord is still near and dear to us, time has caused us to put the awful news we got into the back of our minds. So hopefully this Top 10 may bring Gord back to the forefront where he belongs.













All of Canada loves you Gord. You Are Ahead By A Century.

16 thoughts on “Gord Downie Un-Hip Top 10

      • Crazy it has been a year….Downie’s diagnosis I read just as the hip released it as I was up early that day…those moments stick with u forever…
        Just like Cornell…I never check my gmail ever first thing in the morning as it’s WordPress but for some reason it was gmail and when I think it was James or Scott and all they said was ‘Cornell..Fuck” …I knew that was not good so I googled it and man….

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      • I will never forget the feeling I had when I read about Gord. A real punch in the gut.
        Cornell was awful, but with him not being Canadian, we didn’t have that country wide shock.


      • I had not seen some before either. So much Hip stuff, it’s kind of cool seeing his other work.

        I will either watch or tape it. I saw the last one with some non Hip fans that did a lot of yapping. It will ne nice to watch at home.

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      • No offence to CBC but I only watch them for hockey, olympics and now this.
        They should definately make a dvd. Maybe a conjunction with the band for a live cd/dvd or blu ray.
        1/3 of cash goes to CBC, 1/3 the band, 1/3 Native Fund.

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      • I like 22 Minutes. I still watch that show. Mark Critch does good musical parody. He did one about Trudeau’s vacations to the tune of Kokomo.


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