Ronnie James Dio Top 10

Today would have been Dio’s 75th birthday. To celebrate this date I will list my Top 10 songs featuring the late great Ronnie James Dio.

10) Hear N Aid – We’re Stars. Not the greatest song, but it was Dio’s baby. It was a collaboration of fellow metal artists, and raised millions for aid in Africa.

9) Elf-Driftin’. Dio does Queen before Queen. Enough said.

8) Dio- Straight Through The Heart. The first time I heard squealies, long before they became annoying. The drumming is awesome, the stops and starts are cool, and Dio’s growling screams are classic.

7) Dio-The Last In Line. I remember this video the first time I saw it like it was yesterday. Awesome. We are coming………HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME.

6) Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell. It goes on, and on, and on, Heaven and Hell.

5) Black Sabbath – I. Whether this was played by Sabbath or Heaven and Hell, I always thought this was one of the best of Ronnie’s later songs.

4) Black Sabbath – Neon Knights. I think I’ll listen to this again and again. Again and again. Agaaaain.

3) Dio – Holy Diver. You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea. (Since Dio’s death, I most certainly have been.) Oh what’s becoming of me.

2) Rainbow – Man On The Silver Mountain. My favourite Rainbow song. By a long shot. Ritchie Blackmore and Dio. That’s not even fair.

1) Black Sabbath – Sign Of The Southern Cross – This song for me perfectly demonstrates the whole Dio/Sabbath collaboration. Mellow acoustic strings mixed with whispering Dio begin the song off, then……BAMMM. It kicks you right in the crotch. Wicked guitars, pounding drums and DIO BABY, DIO. Amazing song.

There are roughly 100 songs that should also be on this list. Just know I had a tough time whittling it down. I could have put all the songs on either Dio/Sabbath or the first 2 Dio albums and called it a day. I wanted to mix it up though and include all eras of his music.

R.I.P. Ronnie. We miss you dude.

\m/                                             \m/




8 thoughts on “Ronnie James Dio Top 10

  1. My first ever purchased Sab album was Mob Rules…My first ever purchased Dio album was Holy Diver…
    So I will pick 5 from Mob Rules and 5 from Holy Diver..

    Mob Rule..
    Turn Up The Night/Voodoo/Sign of The Southern Cross/Mob Rules/Country Girl

    Holy Diver…
    Stand Up And Shout/Holy Diver/Gypsy/Don’t Talk To Strangers/Rainbow In The Dark

    yup way more to choose from and if I could squeeze out a 11th…it would be Mystery

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    • Nice choices. I think you and I like Country Girl better than Mike. I guess he is a city guy that never “fell in love with a Country Girl”.

      Not a bad song on either album.

      Mob Rules has always been one of my favourites and Holy Diver is my fave Dio solo.


  2. J. says:

    Some great tunes there, Bop. Some I know (Straight Through The Heart, Heaven And Hell, Neon Knights, Holy Diver and Sign Of The Southern Cross) and some I don’t. Really needing to hear some more Rainbow, cause that Man On The Silver Mountain is quite the tune.

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  3. That’s a wonderful list and I agree whole-heartedly with #1. I still think Mob is a better LP than Heaven & Hell.

    I’d add Rck & Roll Children just because it was the first time I heard his voice.

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    • I was a hellion of a pre teen when I used my paper route money to buy Mob Rules.
      The first vinyl I ever bought.

      It holds a real special place in my heart, and I agree that even though I love Heaven and Hell, I love Mob Rules just a tick more.

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