Top 10 Don Williams tracks

Growing up, there was always country music in my parent’s home. They lived and breathed country. We went to places like Dollywood, Nashville and Grand Ol’ Opry on vacations. As far back as I can remember my dad listened to Don Williams. When I think of Don Williams, I think of my dad. That’s why today’s awful news that Don Williams passed away hit me like a two ton load of bricks. Right in the gut.

Don’s voice always seemed to be comforting. Simple, soothing and welcoming. Like a fireplace on a cold day, or the warm welcome of an old friend. I’ll miss you Don.

10 – Listen To The Radio

9  – Amanda

8 – You’re My Best Friend

7 – Till The Rivers All Run Dry

6 – Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

5 – If I Needed You (an amazing duet with Emmylou Harris)

4 – She Never Knew Me

3 – I Believe In You

2 – Good Old Boys Like Me

1 – Tulsa Time

RIP Don. Now you can live on Tulsa Time forever.