Album Review: Joel Plaskett – Just Because (For Gord Downie) 2016 – 10″ gold vinyl single

I bought this the day it came out last year and played it right away. I didn’t do a review of it at the time though. Life probably got busy and I forgot. The other thing is I don’t think I have ever done a review of a single. There may not be enough meat to write about one song. However today is different. Canada lost one of their own today. Even the Prime Minister was crying when he spoke to reporters. Gord Downie had a way of penetrating into our musical souls, and any song that is a tribute to him, is good enough for me to review.

Quiet and soothing spoken word begins this song off. The band kicks in and for the first minute or so the song has a soothing, calming effect. Then the fuzzy, hard-edged guitar kicks in. This song goes back and forth between ghostly whispers to stoner rock with a bit of Texas and a bit of alternative.

“…Bad news takes all shapes and forms…the bad news is this life is fleeting….I heard the news that you’d be going. I read it on my mobile phone…..Gord, you rock eternally…”Courage” you say, “we ain’t done yet” Let’s see how heavy things can get.” (Today shit got real heavy in my world)

I absolutely love this song. It means so much more to me today than it did in 2016. Then I knew the end was near. Today, I know the end is now.

I love you Gord and FYC.





8 thoughts on “Album Review: Joel Plaskett – Just Because (For Gord Downie) 2016 – 10″ gold vinyl single

  1. Thanks for writing this Brian.
    The line I’ve had in my head tonight is a line from Toronto #4, “you were far more unifying than you know” – and I believe that’s how I’ll remember Gord, bringing the country together like nobody else.
    Like you said, Canada lost one of our own today, and we were so lucky to have him

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    • That is a great line.
      One of thousands he gave us.
      Even if the band could find another vocalist, the lyrics would pale by comparison.
      He was unifying, electrifying, gratifying and satisfying.
      I hope Canada does something great to honour him.

      If you hear of a funeral service, let me know.
      I may even drive up to say goodbye.

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