Album Review: Hollywood Vampires (Double LP – 2015)

For a more comprehensive review of this album, I suggest to go and read Mike Ladano’s post. His post is in depth, and extensive.

Since today is Halloween, I wanted to try and squeeze in a few themes. The last one was Gremlins, this one Vampires. Maybe Ghosts, Goblins and others later.

Sir Christopher Lee gives us some spoken word in The Last Vampire.

Raise The Dead – A decent song. I really like the drums, Alice’s vocals are good, and the guitar note is cool.

My Generation – Awesome bass here by Bruce Witkin and good drums by Ringo’s son Zak Starkey, although he’s no Keith Moon (who ever was?). I enjoyed this song.

Whole Lotta Love – If you think they were going to cover a Led Zep song with an actor playing guitar, you are dead wrong. Smart to bring Joe Walsh and a few others to balance the scales. They needed 5 guitarists to do a decent rendition of Jimmy Page, but that’s to be expected. Alice’s voice does not suit this song, so they brought in none other than Brian (freaking) Johnson. This may very well be the last album that Brian Johnson sings on, and for that I am really sad, but he really sounds awesome here. I love this song.

I Got a Line On You – A really good version. The 1988 Alice Cooper version had more guitar screeching and better drums. I like this version. I prefer the background vocals better here, and the guitar, different, but just as good. so maybe a bit of a wash. Although, the drumming on the new one weakens it in my opinion.

Five To One/Break On Through (To The Other Side) – A decent medley. I always found The Doors to be so dominated by Manzarek’s over-the-top keys, so without them this is a refreshing version. The vocals lack the sexual mystique that was Jim Morrison, but a decent effort. Of note Robby Krieger plays on this version.

One/Jump Into The Fire – Sorry Metallica fans. Not a cover of that One (although that would be cool). The drumming, guitar, and bass are all awesome, and the creepy vocals are great. A really good medley.

Come And Get It – Paul McCartney wrote this song for Badfinger, and he is here to sing this one. I love the guitar (Joe Perry) and drum work (Glen Sobel), but not much else. Paul’s voice in 2017 just didn’t do it for me. It seems they had fun in the studio. Unfortunately way more than I did listening.

Jeepster – Gladly we get to listen to more Joe Perry goodness on this one, and better vocal work to set it off. Mike says to skip this one, but I might suggest to skip the last one instead.

Cold Turkey – More Joe Perry awesomeness. As Mike suggested, it would have been nice to have Sir Paul play bass on this one, however, Bruce Witkin does a damn fine job. Joe’s guitar solo is really good, but was so short I wanted more.

Manic Depression – Back to the other Joe (Walsh), and Ringo’s lad Zak. Alice sings this one in a deeper pitch. I actually like it better than Mike. I would not skip this one, but I would never skip a Joe Walsh song myself. Zak does a pretty decent job as well on the skins here.

Itchypoo Park – I love the lead and background vocals on this one. The 60’s era psychedelic sounds mixed with modern rock sounds make this one of the best songs on the album.

School’s Out/Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 – Alice Cooper, Brian Johnson, Slash, Joe Perry, Kip Winger, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway (and more). Honestly, I would have listened to these awesome musicians do a group bowel movement, let alone an amazing mashup. Another amazing song that should not be missed. It may be the last song Brian Johnson ever sings on.   😦

My Dead Drunk Friends – A tribute by Alice to his former Hollywood Vampire drinking buddies. A slow, sultry tune that has kind of gloomy theme, but seems to work. Not a bad song, but is one of the weaker ones here.



9 thoughts on “Album Review: Hollywood Vampires (Double LP – 2015)

  1. J. says:

    I’ve been tempted to pick this up a few times, but always leave it. Couple of tracks leave me feeling a bit cold (guess that’s maybe how a vampire would leave you) and I think I’d prefer a live album given the line-up (DeLeo, Perry, Sorum? Hell yes! – surely they’ve recorded some shows).

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