Roy “Doc” Halladay (R.I.P) Top 3


Sad news this afternoon that the former Cy Young award winning pitcher Roy Hallady has died in a plane crash. As a Toronto Blue Jays fan I loved watching “Doc” pitch. The man was truly one of the best pitchers in baseball, and possibly the best I ever saw pitch live.

3 When my wife, daughter and I travelled to Boston for a weeks vacation I purposely planned this entire week long trip during a time when the Blue Jays would be there. The fact that Halladay would be pitching the day we would be at the game was icing on the cake. Fenway Park is almost a Holy Grail of baseball stadiums. It’s tiny when compared to todays ball parks, but the atmosphere is great. We got there about an hour before game time and were told the tickets were sold out. We stood in line behind a long line of fans hoping to score some left over season tickets that might get released. Shortly before game time we got lucky. The lady knew we were visiting fans and we got tickets that had been reserved for Blue Jay players family. We sat right behind home plate. Score. I had to go back and forth between the beer stand and my seat since I did not know you need id in Fenway, even if you’re 40. Anyway, long story short, Halladay was awesome as usual, and the Jays won.

2 Perfect Game vs, Marlins – 11 strikeouts, no walks. No hits or runs over 9 innings. A perfect game. Only the 20th in history. What could be better?

Well maybe….

1 The second no-hitter in post season history – 8 strike outs. 1 walk in his first post-season game ever.

I’ll miss you Roy. R.I.P.






13 thoughts on “Roy “Doc” Halladay (R.I.P) Top 3

  1. This was such a sad day. I was at work and the news kept coming in slowly. First it was his plane, then there was a body found, then it was Roy. I saw him pitch on opening day once. We had really good seats and were about 10 rows back from home plate. He just kept throwing this sinking fastball with total command on both sides of the plate. Had every batter baffled. He didn’t need to throw anything else. Rest easy, Roy.

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