Pentti ‘Whitey’ Glan (R.I.P) Top 5

Whitey Glan died of cancer yesterday in a Barrie, Ontario hospital. Who? That may be the question many of you ask. Whitey was mostly a session drummer, born in Finland and then moved to Canada. In his early days he could be found hanging around Yonge St. in Toronto playing the local bars. His first band was originally called Rogues but changed their name to Mandala.

5 Mandala – Love itis. This Top 10 hit in 1968 that was again made popular by J Geils Band in the 70’s.

4 Bush – I Can Hear You Calling. Not the 90’s British rock band, but the original Bush (Canada).

3 Bette Midler – The Rose. Whitey played the drums in Bette’s band in this 1979 movie.

2 Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare. Whitey played  drums on this Alice Cooper solo album and on the later live album The Alice Cooper Show.

1 Lou Reed – Rock N Roll Animal & Lou Reed Live. Whitey played drums on both of these albums recorded live in new York in 1973.

R.I.P. Whitey


6 thoughts on “Pentti ‘Whitey’ Glan (R.I.P) Top 5

  1. I am one who said who? But that’s a great list of folks to work with, and he sounds like a talented guy. RIP for sure. Thanks for sharing this news and educating at the same time!

    I remember Bush, it’s been ages. They caused some consternation in record shoppes with kids looking for Gavin Rossdale. It’s like that other band named Nirvana… I wonder how many kids bought that one thinking they got something rare from Seattle…

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  2. Who?

    It’s funny. The day I posted this I went record shopping and found 2 records with him on, and I wasn’t really looking.

    Since I’ve been on Discogs, I have really found out how many bands have the same name.


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