Malcolm Young died today. I am really gutted by this news since I believe he is/was/ever shall be the best rhythm guitarist ever. I mean, it’s not even close. As far as rhythm is concerned, Mustaine is good, Hetfield is good, Young is God.

He had been suffering from dementia. Some reports say it started as early as the Black Ice days. I witnessed first hand what it is like for a grown man to lose his dignity with dementia. I remember my grandpa crying to me at our house during Christmas because the doctor had just taken his license. Then he began to get violent and was placed in a home. It was awful to visit him there with all the other dementia patients wandering the halls. I was a full grown man and I was a bit nervous around those folk since they were not in their right mind. I was there when my grandpa took his last breath, and I hope Malcolm’s family was able to do the same.

Malcolm was eventually replaced in AC/DC by his nephew Stevie Young, but for me, after he left, that was almost it. I enjoyed Rock Or Bust, but the band was on thin (black) ice. Then they brought in Axl Rose. Nope. I’m out guys. This is not AC/DC. Malcolm is AC/DC. The band officially died today though. R.I.P Malcolm. R.I.P AC/DC.

Over the next few days I will post some more AC/DC stuff, some Malcolm tributes. He deserves at least that.

17 thoughts on “AC/DC DIED TODAY (R.I.P)

  1. Sorry bout your Grandfather Bop! Thats sad but he’s in a better place now.
    As far a s Malcolm goes you are right he is a GOD on rhythm guitar! For a crash course on great rhythm chops look no further than POWERAGE!

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  2. I just found out and I’m seriously bummed out by it all. Malcolm was the one with the fast right hand who kept AC/DC locked solid in all they did too, even regardless of hs playing.

    I cashed my ‘DC chips in when Brian got his stuff dumped on his drive, personally.

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