Various Album #2. The Solid 7 Vol. 1 UK Stoner Rock (Ltd. edition of 50 cassette, 2015)

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Bruce from Vinyl Connection has invited fellow bloggers on a group of posts about various artists. Here is my second installment. Thanks Bruce.

I am always on the lookout for new cassettes. Since I gather most of you have long since stopped buying cassettes, that leaves all the more for me. When I saw this on Bandcamp, I snatched it up. I had never heard any of these songs or knew anything about any of the bands. All I knew was it was limited and the fact that I love stoner rock made it that much easier to buy.

There are 7 bands here. Each band has 2 songs. 1 on side A, and 1 on side B.

Jukebox Monkey : Wolves – A band from Gravesend. The drums really do it for me here, and the guitar is ace too. The vocals are truly unique for a stoner song.

Lacertilia : Crashing Into The Future – This band is from Cardiff. This song is fuzzy. That is expected in this genre, but it seems the production is a little fuzzy and lo-fi sounding. I’m not sure if that is done on purpose though. I’ll have to check out the song on side B to compare. A great sounding tune though, very fast to begin, and then slows down to near molasses level.

Vimana : Ride – Not the death metal band from Denver, this is a band from Leeds. A faster pace with some pretty wicked guitar work. I especially like the wah pedal work.

Sump : Dr Sniff – Not the black metal band from Gomersal with the same name (so confusing), this band is from Swansea.  A female fronted stoner band is unique, and this band is pretty awesome.

The Cortege : Bewitched Betwixt – This 3 piece from London unfortunately has just gone on indefinite hiatus. This song is a cool mix of funk and stoner. The funky, chunky Les Claypool like bass is the star for me.

Suns Of Thunder : Whalian – Another band that hails from Swansea. A hard, driving song that goes back and forth between a chugger and a full throttle assault. It keeps your head bobbin’ (and mine boppin’).

Resurrection Men : Make It Home – The band calls Coventry home. This song wastes no time getting to redline. it has kind of a punk rock meets stoner feel that I really like.

Time to flip over the cassette. You know you want to buy a cassette player now don’t you.

Jukebox Monkey : Dead Wait – Has an amazing tone to the guitar and the vocal tone is almost an 70’s/80’s post punk. A good tune.

Lacertilia : Do Something – Again with the muddy production. Too bad. This band deserves to be heard properly.

Vimana : Interstellar – Unique guitar tone, often higher pitched the most stoner songs. The vocals sound a bit like Ozzy speaking, but do not detract from the song at all. I think one of the lines is “…the sofa, the sofa, the sofa rock you mumsy.” I bet mumsy would approve.

Sump : Fuck Elite – Oh man does this baby have a cool beat to it. A really, really cool song. I love her voice. Kind of a 60’s era folk singer doing a stoner rock song.

The Cortege : Homo Empathicus – Welcome back Les Jr. You’re funky beat was missed. This one has a hard driving beat and is really infectious.

Suns Of Thunder : Hey! I’m Walking Here – The title reminds me of myself at the record store bins. Hey! I’m crate digging here (so please stop crowding me and looking at the records in my pile). Oh yeah, the song. It rocks. It has a real 70’s feel to it. A real throwback that sounds current at the same time.

Resurrection Man : Tears Of Wizards Funeral – With a title like that how could it not be completely awesome. Thankfully it is.

This is a really cool comp. I’m sure none of you out there will seek it out, but hopefully you will check out the bands involved.




31 thoughts on “Various Album #2. The Solid 7 Vol. 1 UK Stoner Rock (Ltd. edition of 50 cassette, 2015)

    • Yes. Thanks for posting it. I would love if they would tour over here, but unfortunately they will probably remain across the pond.

      There is a band in Ontario that has a similar feel, and I will post about them someday.

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